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First 100 Pages: The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd

Hey guys! So today I have a bit of a re-read for you all.

As I was trying to figure out what to review next I realized there were quite a few books I’d read previously that I wanted to talk about. Instead of ignoring my want, I decided to go back and reread some titles.

12291438The first one is The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd. I remember reading the first book and really enjoying it but had to wait a while before the second’s releases. I didn’t continue the series because by the time the second book came out I’d moved onto something else. So in addition to wanting to review this book, I also want to continue the series!

The Madman’s Daughter is about a girl named Juliet Moreau who went from riches to rags after her once well respected father crossed the line in experimentation. Since her family’s fall, Juliet had seen her mother’s dignity crumble, her mother die, and constantly had to escape sexual harassment from a Dr. Hastings.

If only her father had still been alive, then Juliet wouldn’t be alone. And like a perfect change of fate, Juliet stumbles upon a diagram made by her father on vivisection, the dissection of live specimens. Tracing the map, she finds Montgomery, a boy who once served her family and finds out that her father is alive and living on an island not far from Australia.

As they make their way to the mysterious island Juliet and Montgomery encounter a castaway English gentleman by the name of Edward Prince. Who is Edward Prince, why is he running from his father, and what plans does Juliet’s father have for him once they set foot on his island?

I’m currently on page 203 of 311 so I’m nearing the end fairly quickly! For some reason I thought the book was longer…

Anywho, Juliet is an interesting character as she’s quite different from other girls, though only a tad. In the first few pages we know she’s the daughter of a very (once) prestigious surgeon. We see it as she relishes in rendering a human’s hand useless, as she can pinpoint exactly how much pressure is needed to sever a tendon, identify how many bones are in the human body and hand, and how she ruthlessly decapitates a rabbit.

Sound cool? Hell yeah! Of course, this is as far as the excitement goes because when a second hunk is introduced, our once analytical and slightly crazy Juliet is replaced with a girl with raging hormones.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m not a fan of romance and even less of love triangles. Especially when a triangle is introduced just because…pwp (not that kind unfortunately LOL)? Other than making Juliet drool over him, Edward Prince has very little to no function. In fact, Juliet even confesses that she likes Montgomery so why add another guy? Why not just have the struggle be about Juliet and Montgomery (class difference) and them trying to stop Dr. Moreau’s madness?

What’s even worse is that this book is only 311 pages and most of it is dedicated to the romance. The only times we glimpse at Juliet’s madness is when she suddenly remembers she’s supposed to be mad (or at least it feels like this)

The only character I felt genuine interest in was Juliet’s father.

We get a passage where we find out that Dr. Moreau is accused of butchery and that he’s crossed a line in science (a madman). What he did was enough to get him to fall and have his family looked down on. Of course, instead of stopping this he leaves England. Disappears until people believe him dead. What exactly was he doing that made him abandon his family? I want to read this book from his perspective. I’m sure it would be gruesome and interesting because, how far is one willing to go in order to accomplish their goals?

I’m sure he went very far if what I’ve read is any indication.


  1. Ooh, this makes it all sound SO INTERESTING AND I’M INTRIGUED. The love triangle totally puts me off though, bleh. I’m so tired of them? I mean, there are good triangles out there, but it’s rare…still the sciencey/invetntory/monstery/madmany part really makes me want to try it!!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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