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[Spoilers/Rant] Civil War: Whose side are you on?

So I went to go see Civil War in theatres the other day (I believe it was Saturday) and my mom really wanted to go see it in 3D. I was protesting because 3D just really kills me. There’s just so much movement that I can’t keep up with, wearing double glasses, and then there’s not much to 3D in a movie like this.

I suppose I could scream, DEBRIS when a rock comes at me?

Political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability when the actions of the Avengers lead to collateral damage. The new status quo deeply divides members of the team. Captain America believes superheroes should remain free to defend humanity without government interference. Iron Man sharply disagrees and supports oversight. As the debate escalates into an all-out feud, Black Widow and Hawkeye must pick a side.

I saw a lot of people talking about Civil War and I figured I’d write my two cents. I know a lot of people had been excited about this movie, my brother included, however, this movie wasn’t all that great. I mean, I didn’t walk in expecting to find my favorite movie but I also wanted to watch something good. I don’t think I got either one.

Whose side are you on?

This was the big question that was asked when we left the theatre and I’m slightly leaning towards Captain America. It’s not that I think what he was doing was right because I don’t. I side with him because Iron Man was taken in by a woman’s tears about her dead child. I mean, yeah, it’s sad but there’s more smart kids who want to change the world out there and one dead kid isn’t going to make much of a difference (gosh I sound like a douche, don’t throw rotten fruits at me)

I mean, if you compare his death (and the others that died during the fights), isn’t it a small price to pay for saving the world from being overrun by aliens? It’s not like they went ahead and stabbed the kid thinking, you must die! 

On the other hand, I also think that Captain America should have signed the paper. Yeah, he believed the Avengers shouldn’t be controlled by the government because they have agendas and people with agendas are dangerous, but this reluctance split up the team. Why not sign and then work together when the time called for it as a team? THEN if things didn’t work out and Iron Man didn’t want to save the people, I could understand their schism. But so early on…not so much.

And who was this dude? I have no idea but he was one of the problems I had with this movie. I mean, does not remembering you committed a crime excuse you from having to pay for it? No.

In that respect I could totally understand Iron Man when he lost it and tried to kill the guy. I mean, if I had the means I would have as well. Being a hero be damned. Same with the Panther king. He was totally in his right to want to kill his father’s murderer, which turned out to be our antagonist.

(When I say they were in their right I mean, yeah kill the murderer but you better be ready for the consequences.)  

The antagonist of this story wasn’t really impressive for many reasons but he was also pretty clever. Or at least clever enough to pit the Avengers against one another. When the Captain was investigating and he found out that there were super soldiers that could be unleashed upon the world I was like YES! Of course, when things didn’t turn out that way I was pretty disappointed. No big epic fight with more people dying (lol)

Though I suppose if this happened then the Avengers would have come together to fight the threat and there’d be no break within them, which was the point of this movie…

By the end of the movie, Iron Man had more negatives than Captain America (and was therefore another antagonist) but I didn’t expect anything different. I mean, Iron Man was up against Captain AMERICA. There’s no way he’d win, LOL


Maybe if he hadn’t tried to actually hurt the Captain things might have turned out different. Out of all the characters, he was the one I felt for the most. So sad

I honestly didn’t feel like this movie was worth watching in theatres, especially not in 3D (HA! Good thing I wasn’t the one who bought the tickets), however, if you’re a Marvel fan the thought might be different. There was just nothing good about this movie and if I hadn’t been in the theatre I would have just walked out (nobody leaves the theatre when out with my mom unless you want PAIN).  Still, I wouldn’t say not to watch this because it was entertaining enough.

My favorite part of the movie (the only) was Spiderman. His introduction was really random and I was so sure he was way older and already had his own movies but yeah. His boyish attitude and admiration for the heroes during the fight was a nice change of pace with all the gay misunderstandings between the Captain and Iron Man. Maybe they should have just gone home and released the tension and then talked things over.


Oh god, I can see it now! Iron man was jealous because Captain was helping his ex-boyfriend Bucky escape justice so in order to get back his man, Iron man had to take on the role of bad guy but now that Bucky is crystallized/frozen in a tank their ‘it’s complicated’ status will go back to ‘married’ and they’ll have hot angry butt sex (LOOOOOOOL)

Ok time to leave before someone kills me


  1. Gahhh! I really love Bucky! In the movie, he says that he remembers every crime he has committed (unless you forgot that but I didn’t, HAHA). I have to disagree with you there because for someone who is not even in control of his own body, it’s hard to justify how they should be punished because it wasn’t them. YA FEELS? I don’t know, I think it’s a hard one really.

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    • i don’t remember if that was said or not but when he escaped from the prison he was at (i don’t even know what that was, where the ‘dr’ got to him) he comes to asking what happened and I’m pretty sure he didn’t remember

      Well, that’s what those psychological (?) tests are for, if you’re unstable then you still pay for your crimes but not like a ‘normal’ inmate would. Like, I didn’t agree with the shoot on sight order that was given after the explosion in Vienna (was it?) but I also don’t think he should be allowed to go with no consequences. If he does just go then the same thing will keep happening over and over. They apprehended the guy who made him lose it this time but what about the next time? what if the damage is worse next time? He’s not very reliable, which is why I liked that he got frozen at the end and is in the hands of a ‘good guy’ but I still didn’t like him as a character

      though I am just judging him on this movie alone because I don’t remember him from other movies (my brother said he was in the second movie but i don’t even remember which one that was xD)


      • Second movie is basically named after him- Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Even with the psychological tests, it was with the antagonist pushing him to become the winter soldier so probs not the best example. I don’t know. He’s a really misunderstood character and if you have time, you should really see the second Cap movie because it’s pretty much all about Bucky.

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  2. I’m team Iron Man! I agree with you that Captain America should have signed the paper since the beginning, we could have saved a lot of trouble. And I LOVED Spiderman, he was my favorite character in the whole movie!

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