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Was Mechanic: Resurrection worth my not sleeping? Don’t think so

Yesterday was a really busy day. I went to work, went to buy groceries, got stuck out on the road because my car’s battery died (at least I wasn’t alone), brother and I got the battery changed, and by the end of all this I just wanted to knock out. The night before I’d also been lacking sleep so all of that was taking its toll.

After the battery incident I decided I’d go to bed only to find myself being woken up an hour later by my family because we were going to watch a movie.

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The movie is apparently a sequel and no, I haven’t watched the first movie. Chances are very high that I’ll watch it because it’s got Jason Statham and my family watches all his movies. 

So this movie was about Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) who is a skilled assassin and apparently he “died” in the previous movie, however, he’s been secretly living in Brazil for a while. One day he goes to a cafe and is approached by a woman who says she has a message from Crain, an old enemy of his. He manages to escape their clutches and goes out to Thailand. Only a couple days there, he’s found by a woman sent by Crain, the plan apparently being that Bishop help her out of an abusive relationship and they fall in love.

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Luckily for Crain, that’s exactly what happens and why it does is beyond me? That’s actually one of my biggest problems of the whole movie. Bishop knows she’s been sent by Crain, he knows the plan, and he falls for it willingly? At first I thought he was only going to play along so he could get to Crain and kill him but as the movie progressed, it looked like the ‘falling in love’ was legit. Like, dude, you knew her for two days and now you’re going to go risk your life for her…

Because she gets taken (hehe) by Crain and in order to get her back, Bishop has to assassinate three people: an imprisoned African warlord, a human trafficker, and an arms dealer. When assassinating them, Bishop also has to make it appear like an accident.

Considering the whole ‘in love’ aspect was really bothering me/the driving force of the movie, I was glad to finally see some action! Because seriously, that’s what I wanted. I really really liked how he went about approaching his targets and killing them. My favorite was the second one! Why? Because it involved a glass (I think) pool at the top of a giant skyscraper that made my mom and brother squeamish (they’re not fans of heights)

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Aside from our main characters (Bishop, Crain, the girl), there was also another character I thought was awesome. He didn’t really do anything but I just really liked him. Figuring out that Crain was sending him to eliminate his competition, Bishop decides to make a deal with the arms dealer, Adrian Cook, in order to get at Crain.

When this guy first appeared I was like ‘dude, he’s in his pjs’ haha. He was also really cool about an assassin getting into his highly secure lair and he even gave him an espresso. He does make an appearance again at the end (he gets little screen time).

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And of course, we also get this epic showdown between Bishop and Crain/lackeys. I did think some of the bomb scenes were…strange for some reason. I’m not even sure why. For one, I thought that once you detached that little thing from a bomb, it would go off after a few seconds. In some cases that’s what happened but there was this one scene where Bishop did that and the bomb didn’t go off until the lackeys triggered a trap he set up.

They also just looked weird. Unrealistic weird I guess. Though I honestly don’t know what they’re supposed to really look like so who knows.

The girl also ended up being pretty useful at the end and she kicked some ass before she was hauled away.

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Overall, I was glad I went to the theatre because we don’t usually go but I don’t think it was worth watching this movie. The romance didn’t feel natural, the time restrictions placed on Bishop felt too tight (he had 36 hours to kill the second target. Like, is that including travel time and time to gather materials? Does he just have all that stuff lying around? Because he must have not known he was going to use it until he devised a plan, right?), and the action was lacking.

And the legit ending…I was like, ok let’s go home now

If I had to rate this movie I’d give it a 3.5/4 out of 10. I’d also say just watch it when it comes out on DVD or wherever movies come out these days @_@ (I don’t watch enough movies to know where they go once they’re released outside theatres lol)



    • i know right! and it was actually a walks away from my house but i don’t know how to jumpstart a car or anything and i’d parked in a no parking place so i didn’t want to come back to find it towed or something ;-;

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