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Blood Wars: Another vampire and werewolf movie

The last couple of weeks, my family has gotten into the groove of watching a movie every weekend (or every other weekend). This past weekend we went to watch Blood Wars and I thought I’d give my two cents

P.S. I have not watched the previous movies of this series! Spoilers ahead

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If there’s one thing you guys need to know about me, it’s that action movies are My Thing (racing ones too). I love them even though they’re all the same. Blood Wars was an action movie and thus automatically gets an OK score from me. 

From what I understood, in the previous movie, Selene (MC) had to abandon her daughter so that she could successfully be safe from both Lycan and Vampire pursuit. There was something about her blood that would shift the tide in the war between species and they were willing to do anything to get their hands on it! What did it do? I honestly have no idea. I’m not sure if I missed it or if they assumed we’d know from the previous movie.

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Blood Wars starts with Selene being pursued by both Lycans and Vampires trying to get her daughter’s location from her. Out of the two, the Vampires were more clever in trying to get her back. Semira (this woman down below) had a whole plan devised in order to get revenge on Selene, and while she was at it, she figured she’d take some of her blood too (hehe, how evil, I know)

Selene (for some reason) decided to go back to her Vampire clan and agreed to train the younglings for battle against a possible organized Lycan attack. It had never happened before but they thought it would because Marius was among the Lycan now. I have a feeling that Marius might have been important in previous movies. The way they said his name made me feel like I should know that impending doom was coming

Also, I mention “for some reason” in Selene’s return because it just seemed really dumb to me. I gathered that she killed someone important from the vampire side and so it makes sense they’d want revenge. Why she would willingly walk back to them and not expect some kind of attack felt…strange to me.

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There were also other characters in the series like David (left) and Varga (right) who had their moments just look at their intense yaoi stare transcending space and time and clothes but in the early stages, the movie was more focused on Selene and Semira. ‘sides, Varga was Semira’s dog for most of it (but then David’s hot bod turned him LOL)

Ok, ok. I’ll be serious now…

Also, if it wasn’t clear yet, Selene WAS betrayed (gasps)

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It’s actually around this part where the pacing starts to pick up and a lot of elements start to be introduced. We learn that by drinking Selene’s blood, Semira isn’t damaged by sunlight (this made for a HILARIOUS scene later on). We’re also introduced to a whole new vampire clan who act as a Sanctuary, an afterworld that grants certain abilities, and revelations for two of our main characters.

Overall, the movie starts to fall apart for me after Selene “dies”


We DO get a confrontation between the Lycans and vampires which really puts a dent into the vampire clan’s numbers but, in the end, it doesn’t resolve anything. There is a shift in power, which might have been the point. The daughter issue is dropped, which confused me as I thought the movie was named after her blood. I’m also not sure if they’ll continue to hunt her (what with the power shift)

Also, the ending battle was anticlimactic, which was very sad. My favorite fight scene was probably the one with David and Semira and the ones with Selene prior to the ending battle.

The movie started with an OK score from me and it stayed there. There was nothing I felt was especially well done and I felt no attachment to any of the characters. I had a lot of nitpicky comments and moments of SMH while watching this. Still, I did like the fight scenes but not enough to give it a higher rating.

And because of that I give this movie a 4/10 for could be passed up. I’d only watch it if I was a fan of the series (but if possible not in theatres, not worth it)

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  1. I liked the very first Underworld movie, not because it was particularly good but it just had just enough attitude and confidence to pull off not being particularly good. Everything after that in this franchise has underwhelmed me so I don’t really have any intention of checking this one out but it is interesting to know where they decided to take the story.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was thinking of watching the previous movies for this since it wasn’t SO bad but in the end i didn’t feel that interested in going back (so i think i won’t xD)

      and np, thanks for reading 😀


  2. I’d suggest watching the first movie. A director’s cut if you find it. I loved the first one and still do. Certain things in this movie will make a lot more sense if you’ve seen the first.

    Liked by 1 person

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