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[Pegasus Publishers] Norvil the Narwhal + The Virtual Reality Space Pirates

Recently I’ve found myself reading a few children’s books along with my normal “novel reading”. My brother likes to call it cheating since we’re trying to see who reads more books a year (lol) But really, I just want to see all the pretty pictures (hehe)

Although, thanks to these two book, I am no longer 5 books behind on my reading challenge šŸ˜‰

Norvil the Narwhal by Christopher Adderley

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I actually picked this book out because I was curious about a Narwhal. I’ve never heard of the creatures before and so I thought it would be a cute read. Suffice to say I was given both cute images and a nice story! Also, I just found out that there’s a book trailer for this and I really liked it! You guys should check it out


In the storyĀ we have Norvil, a Narwhal who one day decides to join the Narlympic Water Polo Team after he hears his girl friend (that he fancies) say she likes “the muscles.” Norvil ends up being a substitute in the final game (despite not knowing how to play the game at a Narlympic level) and actually gets to play, learns a life lesson, and even gets the girl~

One of the things I loved about this was theĀ alliteration, as it made reading this more fun. I do wish there’d been more illustrations but that’s just me liking pictures.Ā Time also passes rather quickly, but considering this is a children’s book, it’s goodĀ because it kept the action going and therefore, the reader’s attention fixed (certainly had mine).

All of this made me like the book but the message at the end made meĀ love it: The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well. It may be that this message really spoke to me since I feel like I’ve been failing left and right recently, or it may be that I just liked the different happy ending it presented.

You can find the book on Amazon, though I’m not sure for how much. It looks like there are only used copies available…

The Virtual Reality Space Pirates by Jean M. Akam

The reason I chose to read this book is because I’ve been trying to get into more pirate-ish books. I know this one says Space Pirates but I was hoping to get a similar feel to your typical sea pirates.

Image result for The Virtual Reality Space Pirates

InĀ The Virtual Reality Space Pirates we actually have quite a few characters. Our main one seems to be Veryan, a pilot chasing Space Pirate Gadran who stole a rare crystal used as a symbol of peace between Varga and Malparnia. We also are introduced to four children who accidentally board the ship while snooping around personnel only rooms at a museum.

I liked that Veryan was an older main character (or at least I’m assuming he was based on how he looked in the pictures) and that there was some deception going on. (Deception stories, please send them my way!) But I also didn’t like how a lot of the action was left up to the reader. For example, at the end of the book our characters end up time traveling and the next thing the reader knows, the problems have been resolved. How? We get a small explanation but we’re not part of it

I was also confused about some of the things that happened after the children boarded the ship. I assume they were able to boardĀ because of the headsets they put on in the restricted room but when they do it again at the end of the book, the virtual reality goes away when they take off the headsets. That didn’t happen the first time around and so I was wondering why. Why will it go away in one scene and not another?

I did think this was a good read but it left me with more questions than answers by the end. While reading it, I was also reminded of Rogue One (the descriptions at the beginning) and The House of Secrets (how it tries to cram so many ideas into one book).

You can find this book on Amazon for $10.66!

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