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TBR: 10 Diverse Books I Wish I Could Buy Right Now

Hey guys! So I was wandering the internet like a zombie the other day and I stumbled upon a blogger’s page where they had this Diverse Reading Doc and since diverse reading has become something huge lately, I thought I’d look through this list and join in the fun

Of course, looking through it made my TBR pile grow even more! Figured I’d share some of the books I found particularly interesting (and that I’d buy now if I could)



The last PTSD book I read was probably in high school and it was called Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko. While I did like it, there was something about it that didn’t connect with me. Cold Summer, on the other hand, sounds like something I’d be excited to check out. For one, it has wars and I love WW stories. This also has time traveling and as much as time traveling gets me all tied up, I love to read how authors go about working out scenarios for it. So far my favorite time traveling story is an Artemis Fowl fanfiction

OCD, Anxiety, Addiction, and More


The summary for this book on Goodreads doesn’t really give you many details about what the book is about BUT there’s a certain bookworm I follow on (Paper Fury) and they go into detail about the characters and just some topics to expect (and not). Now I want to read it! It does fall into contemporary and high school, which are two genres I’m not that into but I’m just looking to feel emotional here. Even I have needs like this every now and then 😉

Bisexual MC + F/F

Image result for our own private universe robin talley

Oh man, this is going to hit close to home. Basically about a girl named Aki who is bisexual (hypothetically), has only dated guys, wonders how girls have sex, wonders what love is, and finds herself attracted to Christa during the young-group trip. I can feel it already. This may rise to be one of my favorite books?



Just like I’m trying to get into the yuri genre in manga, I thought I’d do the same with regular novels. While Our Own Private Universe caught my interest because of the story aligning with my own feelings, Of Fire and Stars aligns more with the genre of books I like to read: assassins, empires, magic, journeys, young adult

Gay MC + Pansexual Love Interest + M/M


Going back to my fantasy roots, I really liked the summary for this book. It has a very Alice in Wonderland feel for some reason. Plus, I’ve been wanting to read some M/M books for awhile now (that wasn’t just manga of course). It’s also listed as YA so I’m curious how this would compare to your typical hetero-YA series

Diverse Retelling


Couple reasons I picked this one. I think the more obvious one is that the cover looks really nice and the second is that I recognize the fairytale (is this what you’d call it?) for this book! I remember someone on figment told me about it but that was years ago and I can’t remember what it’s about. Still, I read the summary and it had me after Lo-Melkhiin killed three hundred girls before he came to her village, looking for a wife. It does remind me a bit of Uprooted now that I think about it

F/F + Diverse Retelling


The cover isn’t really selling this book and I’ve never watched the Sleeping Beauty movie (though I know the premise) but I decided to add it because someone on Goodreads mentioned it’s a mash of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. Add to this the word toxic relationships, forgiveness, and GL relationship and now I want to read it~

ADHD + Dyslexia + LGBTQA+


Ok so I don’t think this was in the doc’s list but I kept seeing it, I loved the cover, and it turns out this book may make me cry. I just had to add it. Based on the review I read, this book has characters with ADHD and Dyslexia, and Goodreads had this under new releases for LGBTQ+



I learned about selkies last year and aside from that one children’s book my local library had, this is the first book I’ve seen with selkies! While this one seems pretty romance based, I’m still excited to see how this works out (I’m really entranced by that darker side of the selkie story, where they can be at the mercy of humans)

Genderfluid MC


Ok, I don’t think this one was on the list either. I found it under the tag Queer on Goodreads and the summary got me. It’s about Sal, a genderfluid thief who decides to audition for The Left Hand, the Queen’s personal assassins, in hopes of getting revenge. Of course, it turns out to be a more vicious trial than they expected. There’s also romance but assassins. Assassins are my thing

The list has tons more titles and from categories I didn’t pick but I figured I’d start small. I know there are a couple reading challenges happening in the community for diverse reading but don’t think I’m ready for that just yet. But I’m always game for some M/M and curiosity has me checking out F/F

I also wanted to find some OCD/Mysophobia titles since I am reading Ten Count (R18) but wanted to see how the issue was portrayed in novels. The list did give a few stuff but a lot of it is contemporary and didn’t really catch my interest

I’m curious, for someone who likes fantasy and magic, what diverse books do you all recommend?

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