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Spring Bloggiesta: How Did I Do?


Hey guys! So I signed up for the Spring Bloggiesta at the beginning of the week and I thought I’d go over how I fared in my blogging goals. Basically, Bloggiesta is where, we make a list of things we’d like to do to improve our blogs and try to complete things in that time with the help of the bloggiesta community

1. Write 1 review and 1 non-review post (can’t be an update post) 

Yes! I actually managed this one and I’m pretty proud of myself. Yes, it was only one week but I have to start somewhere, right?

My two posts for the week were

2. Attend at least one more Bloggiesta chat ✔

It looks like I missed the March 23rd chat but I did make the one for March 25th!

3. Update old links on the blog and goodreads account (since I changed my url) ✔

I think I did good on this. I went back and checked my links on the review pages, so now those are updated. I did go back and update my review links on Goodreads under the reviewed on blog tag. If I missed anything else…please let me know! ^^

4. I’m also thinking of changing my theme or just somehow making it look different from the other site ✔

Another Success!


I went ahead and messed with a couple themes but this one is the one I ended up liking the most. It was a tad hard to decide what to add to my sidebars since it could get cluttered really fast but overall I think I did ok. You can’t really see any of my recent posts unless I make them sticky (some feature for the theme) so I ended up making a tab up top called All Posts instead.

I really like how everything is all on one page. Feedback definitely appreciated! Especially on mobile

5. Clean up my navigation (ie. how to access reviews) ✔


I decided to keep the page I had originally for reviews, since I like having them all on one page, alphabetically, but I also added the tabs under Book Reviews. I grouped books by genre there, which I nabbed from Goodreads. So far there’s Children’s Books, Crime/Thriller, Fantasy, Fiction, LGBTQA+, NonFiction, Romance, YA, and Adult (R18)

I did the same for the movies!

I do want to figure out a way to direct readers to some of my favorite books in movies, but I haven’t really decided how I’ll go about doing that yet.

6. Do at least one mini-challenge ✔

Crosspost a couple of my reviews


The good thing about this whole cross posting challenge is that my blog still has so little content that I was able to do all of them. For now I’ve only done it for Amazon and my Goodreads account already has them. Maybe next time I’ll go ahead and do some on Google Play (or another platform)

Make a blog list and Blog Schedule


I ended up doing a really simple one on Google Spreadsheets. I decided that Mondays and Saturdays are review days, Thursdays are list days, and everything else is open. I’m not holding myself to 3 posts a week since I feel like I wouldn’t be able to do this, but if I want to post a review, I want them up on either Monday or Saturday (and same with Lists on Thu)

I didn’t really assign dates for the reviews but I’d like to do one more before the month ends while the rest can be done in April

7. Comment on some of the bloggiesta community’s posts ✔

Since a lot of the posts were the same, where they only posted their goals, I only commented on the ones where there was a question. I did end up liking the rest though (if they had that option available)

I’m actually pretty proud of myself this week! I did accomplish all of the things I wanted to do for Spring Bloggiesta in terms of this blog and hopefully the good habits stick ^^

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