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Beauty and the Beast, A Good Adaptation with Neat Original Content

An overdue review but better late than never, right? So I went to see Beauty and the Beast about 2 weeks ago and I’m conflicted over the movie! The biggest reason being that Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney princess movies (of the originals) and it wasn’t the same. I grew up with this movie, I watched it until my VHS was worn, and yes I still own that tape. And this adaptation had differences that I was surprisingly ok with, which is why I’m so conflicted


I’ll skip the summary this time since I’m sure we all know what this movie was about (lol). Also, disclaimer: What I say in this review are my opinions and thoughts and don’t represent the views of my employer (in case they find this lol)


One of the things I loved about this adaptation was that it was nearly identical to the original and all the music and scenes had me feeling nostalgic. I wasn’t able to sing along with the songs because I forgot the lyrics but I remembered them all. The scenes all felt like Beauty and the Beast and that’s something I’m sure many of us got from just the trailer


Of course, it wasn’t just an identical adaptation. The series did have some original content (plus songs) but it was added in a way to make it all fit. I felt like it fleshed out certain characters like The Beast, who in the original is just that. Here we get to see him as a human having dances at his palace, we see what occurred the day that he was changed into a beast, and he’s given personality (something I feel our Prince characters lack in the Disney originals)

But I also felt conflicted about these additions. Yes they fleshed out characters like the Beast and Belle’s father (another added scene), but I felt it also took away from Belle and to me Beauty and the Beast is about Belle. It’s a princess movie and by adding all this emphasis to other characters, Belle doesn’t stand out anymore


I’m not saying I didn’t like all the additions to the live action because there was one in particular I LOVED. It was at the end of the movie right before the Beast turns back to a human. I swear I almost cried!

I was sad Gaston didn’t get shoved into some mud but I guess we can’t have everything (lol!)


I’m not sure why but I felt this casting was really good. While nobody really looked like our characters in the original, they just embodied them really well! Special shoutout to Gaston and Lefou’s actors because they were my favorite!


Gaston had that arrogance to him, the Beast was a jerk and sarcastic, Belle had the wardrobe and brown hair, Lefou exalted Gaston and was hilarious, and so forth. The only person in this movie I really had problems with was Emma Watson. Nothing against her but to me she will forever and always be Hermione and just her. And like I mentioned in my GitS review, Emma Watson also didn’t own her role as Belle

She didn’t stand out anymore because of the other characters and her acting was just…boring. Even when she was angry I didn’t feel it. I’m also going to nitpick on her singing because she could have sang louder. Her voice really got smothered by the music playing and I wish she’d sang louder or the volume of the music had been lowered. I’d prefer the former


Lefou and Gaston, on the other hand, OWNED IT. I loved how they portrayed their characters, how much more evil Gaston was made out to be, how devoted Lefou was, and I honestly can’t say who I loved more. Lefou made me laugh throughout the movie and in the end where he’s betrayed by Gatson I felt my heart break. God, now I want a Beauty and the Beast starring these two where Lefou obviously gets himself someone better, Lol!


Overall I did enjoy checking out this movie. I did end up going with both my brothers. Brother A said it was good, and Brother B (who never watched the original) said it was meh. I think it was also a good adaptation even though it took away some of the things I loved from the original. If I had to rate it, I’d give it a 7.5/10 for (nearly) very Good

Not sure if I’d recommend going to watch it but if you do decide to go, it will be an entertaining watch!

Random: I was confused about the whole traveling aspect (new content) because how was that possible? But I suppose if we’re already enchanting people, that would be possible too, right?

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  1. Omg I loved the adaption! I thought it was so beautiful and I liked a lot of the additions especially the parts that they pulled from the original fairy tail. I do think they did focus more on the Beast’s background for the live action but I ended up liking that because it made their falling in love seem more real. One of the things that always was strange to me was how quickly they fell in love in the animated movie. The have that one song and BOOM love haha I liked that it showed them learning more about each other. For me because we also see more of Belle’s background it felt like the Beast was really falling in love with her not just the idea she could break the curse or that she was beautiful, but that she had all of these other traits. As for Emma Watson I can’t give an unbiased review with her because I’m such a fangirl lol. But at least I recognize my biases! Right? 😀 Great post Crim!

    Liked by 2 people

    • thats true! xD i liked that they interacted more though the passage of time didn’t feel like much during their song in the adaptation for some reason?? haha, yeah, i do like her but because i’ve only ever seen her as hermoine thats all i can see her as, it’s so hard to rip that character away from her o(-(

      glad you enjoyed :”D


  2. I loved most of the additions/changes to the movie! I have always regretted not seeing the musical version, but this (mostly) filled the void. The only thing that bothered me was the ending in regards to
    (slight spoilers)
    how families were separated. Makes no sense to me.
    Have you seen the live action Cinderella? Do you think Emma Watson would have done better in that role?

    Liked by 1 person

    • oh yeah! i thought that was really strange but i guess it made sense since everyone’s minds were wiped?? and i liked how the new additions just felt like they belonged, one of the reasons i felt so conflicted over this xD

      there’s a cinderella live action?!?! why haven’t i heard about this before?? LOL i need to check it out! do you know where i can watch it :000

      Liked by 1 person

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