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I’m A Huge Fast and Furious Fan, But… [A Fate of the Furious Movie Review]

Hey guys! Looks like I’m just bombarding this place with movie reviews…but I can’t help it! Lately I’ve just been watching a bunch of movies. So, quick first impression: I watched the preview for Fate of the Furious and was instantly feeling mixed. What was going on that Dom was now the “evil” character and now an apparently impossible to catch guy? I went to watch this movie with these thoughts in mind


Fate of the Furious seems to continue where 7 left off. Dom and Letty are on their honeymoon and everything seems peaceful…until a woman named Cipher appears in Cuba where Dom is living it up and blackmails him into joining her forces. With Dom turned rogue, the gang is now rounded up (minus Brian) to get him back and stop Cipher from starting WW3

Car Racing

Before I start being nitpicky about this, let’s start the sandwich review with some positives! I really liked how the movie began because it brought us back to what the original Fast & Furious movies were about: car racing. This one in particular was really neat because it was in broad daylight and we had some cyclist going around stopping traffic. It really gave off the impression that these races were common there


Though I have to say…this one felt pretty out there. I mean, to be driving a car that’s up in flames…I can’t even hold my hand up to the stove’s flame for too long because it’s hot, imagine your feet and face by the fire!

The Plot and Characters

I won’t be saying too much about this, since I feel the whole movie revolves around the viewer finding this out later on (plus, that’s one of the reasons I really wanted to watch it during its premier). Suffice to say that I understand why Dom did what he did and I’ll talk more about this in another post because I did have some thoughts and issues regarding this ‘plot twist’

We also got some new character working together like Ian Shaw with Hobbs, which always ended up being hilarious. Shaw’s mother appears later on in the film, the guy Dom raced and beat at the beginning, and one other person I can’t say!

In terms of antagonists, Cipher was alright. They managed to tie her to the previous movies, but as a character she didn’t stand out. Yes she managed to blackmail Dom and got so far as to steal a submarine with nuclear weapons, but that was all she had going for her. I did like her very analytical personality and the stuff she spouted was also interesting (the concept of choices)

Family and Dom

Aside from car racing, another thing that I was attracted to with these F&F films was the concept of family. While this film has obvious family ties to it (such as Letty and the others going out to get Dom back), it also really focused on Dom and him being the strongest, the star, and basically a hero


Even when he was betraying his family, Dom was shown to be doing the right thing (once it’s revealed why he turned). I don’t think he ever actually killed anyone while retrieving any of Cipher’s items, not even a team of 7 people could capture him, and he (practically) single-handedly destroyed Cipher’s plans. In the end, he does get help getting out of his blackmailed situation but he gets a happy ending with no questions from Letty


Overall, I didn’t dislike this movie but I felt it wasn’t the best out of the whole series (aside from Tokyo Drift because I haven’t watched that one but I hear it sucks). It really fell through for me for a couple of reasons like it cracking more jokes than usual, it trying to fall into a genre it isn’t, the “family” aspect not being as strong, and just Dom taking the spotlight. I had some questions with how the Brian issue was taken care of and how that’s going to work later on

Speaking of Brian, I also have to wonder if my feelings of this movie being less entertaining than the others is because he’s not around anymore. Because I watched 2 Fast 2 Furious first, the movies are Brian to me. Sort of like someone with glasses aren’t the same without glasses. They also pull another tribute to Brian at the end of the movie, which again, makes me feel iffy. More about this later

If I had to rate this movie, I would give it a 6/10 for Fine

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