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Sherlock Holmes TV Series Impression

Ok guys, before I go on and hear people tell me it’s not gay, I know. I know but I am a fujoshi at heart and let me relish in the canon Holmes x Watson banter. I swear, I think this is the first time I’ve EVER considered shipping 3D characters (And yes, I am now an avid JohnLock fan like omg #cries)


This has been a show that my brother wanted me to check out since (apparently) four years ago and I’m only just watching this now!? Why? I was bored so I started flipping through Netflix shows. I was going to watch an Asian Drama but then I remembered that I promised to check this out…four year ago. Ooops. Better late than never, right?

Suffice to say that I fell in love with this as soon as it was implied Sherlock and John were an item (inner fangirl squeal~)

I’ve only seen 3 complete episodes (the 4th is currently on hold) and I don’t think I’ve ever stayed glued to a TV for something other than Anime. While I don’t think Benedict Cumberbatch fits my image of Sherlock Holmes (I imagined him older and more gruff, not so gentlemanly looking), he’s starting to grow on me. Martin Freeman on the other hand, doesn’t not fit my image of Watson. As Watson is a more ‘normal’ character, I never really had a set image for him


I like that I get a little bit of a lot of things in this show. I get funny scenes like this lovely gif, I get fight scenes, I get douchebag-scum-why-are-you-alive scenes, and I get those serious Detective Mode scenes. I love a jerk character and Holmes really fits that image. Also, you all know I’d be subscribed to Watson’s blog, Stalker mode activated!

While the first three episodes felt more like individual stories (think Case Closed in Anime), there seems to be a bigger story in episode 4 when we meet Alder. Like all women, I’m not really feeling any attachment or good vibes from her, but I can say she plays her part very well


I am excited to continue watching this. When? Well, whenever I can steal the living room from my mom again. Although I think I will need some time for some /eherm/ recreational reading. And speaking of reading! I once started reading the Sherlock Holmes books (probably read like 3 pages) and I liked noticing parallels between the book and the TV series. I’m feeling pretty enticed to continue those books, just to find more parallels and to see how the adaptation compares

I obviously haven’t finished it but so far I would rate it an 8/10! Though if I have to say, this is the first time I’ve ever had to turn on subtitles for something in English. They really have moments where I understand nothing (lol)

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