May Reading List: Blog Posts and More


Since I’m taking a bit of a break on my other blog (and this one once I run out of scheduled posts), I thought I’d go ahead and do a similar reading list on this one while I get my bearings together! Basically this is me showing you all some of the posts from WordPress and other sites I checked out during the month, as well as some possible media news (maybe a movie I’m excited to watch)

Usually I just go through my reader and check out what’s there, but sometimes I look for random tags and let WordPress find new things for me. Always feel free to leave me a link or two to some of your own work and/or someone else’s! For more posts, check out the Round Up on My Fujoshi Life Continue reading

Love Actually

And here comes another movie! I picked this movie up because Martin Freeman was in it and I swear, it’s been awhile since I last screamed at my computer because of secondhand embarassment. Laughing too, lots of laughing. Usually my go to for these feelings is fanfiction and god, my face, I was not expecting all this


Love Actually is a Christmas romantic comedy where we follow the lives of quite a few people just weeks before Christmas. The thing that ties them all together being love (and mutual acquaintances)  Continue reading

[Discussion] Calling People By Their Names or Not?


Bit of a random thing here but as I’ve grown up I noticed I can’t seem to call people by their given names without becoming overly conscious or worried about it

Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’ve been watching too much anime (haha) or if it’s something in my environment. For example, I cannot for the life of me, call any of my teachers by their names. In a sense this has become a “problem” in college since not a lot of teachers like to be called Professor XYZ. But I always feel rude if I call them by their first name because in elementary to high school that’s all we were allowed to call our teachers. It’s almost improper to call your teachers before college by their names and we’re usually corrected  Continue reading

[OBC] Solaris Seethes by Janet McNulty

I think I’ve had this book in my possession for more than a month, bordering on two, and I just could not finish it. But not to worry because Audible came to the rescue! When I saw this on there for $2, I knew I had to buy it. And a bit of a random thought: for the whole two months I was calling this book Solaris Seeth-is and it wasn’t until I finished reading this that I realized it was Seethes, like when you get mad. Facepalm, I know.


Anyways, this book is about Rynah from planet Lanyr who is betrayed by her fiance when he decides to steal the crystal that keeps their planet in tact (I believe they said it helped keep the gravitational force balanced). Once taken, Lanyr crumbles because of extreme natural disasters and is destroyed. Left for dead, Rynah must find an alternate way to escape Lanyr before she really does die, and by some miracle she finds Solaris, an old ship her grandfather infused with an AI.  Continue reading

I’ve “Possibly” Got It Bad For These Two Actors

Hey guys!

So as you might have noticed, I’ve had a wee-bit of an obsession lately (that’s not anime, I know, unthinkable, right?). Well, for so long I could say I didn’t watch “real people shows”, as I have no idea what to dub them, but then One Day I sat down and thought, Hmm I should check out Sherlock on Netflix because I promised my brother…four years ago


Next thing you know I’m screaming into the void, reading dozens of fanfiction stories during my free time (and at work but Shhh, don’t tell anyone), trying to find some meta posts on tumblr, watching interviews (which I never do) with our stars, and stalking two actors’ filmography. And when I was stalking through their work, I realized I’d already seen them in other films but hadn’t realized it because, Lol who notices 3D people?? Not this Fujoshi, or at least not usually. I mean, I’m usually distracted by super hot cars racing or some crazy explosion to really pay attention to who actors are Continue reading