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The Imitation Game

OK guys, by this point I’m sure you all have realized I may be a bit obsessed with this man (“Big Ben” as an interview said). And like all obsessive fans, I’ve decided to check out some of his other films/projects! After watching some Sherlock Holmes, I learned he played Dr. Strange and I actually went to see that movie when it came out. My thoughts on it were that it was meh. Granted I think a lot of superhero movies rate about 5-7/10 (though I never reviewed it)

Then, while I was browsing Netflix (yup, I do normal things now) I found this movie with his face smack dab on the cover and thought, oh I should check this out (this wasn’t the cover on Netflix lol)


The Imitation Game is about a gay mathematician named Alan Turing who is hired by the British government (along with 5 others) to crack Nazi codes and Enigma. He starts off on bad terms with his fellow geniuses because of his lack of communication skills and immediate results. However, as time passes, we see that his “bigger thinking” leads to longer term results

I really enjoyed watching this movie for a couple reasons. The first was that it’s a war related movie and I love watching and reading things with wars. There’s something fascinating to me about the subject and this behind-the-scenes portrayal was really interesting. We don’t really see a lot of the destruction of the war like we’re taught at school. Instead we focus on the lives of a couple people who used their intelligence to try and save their people from the war

Alan Turing is our main character and I just have to say that he was great


The movie seems to be split up into three parts. We have the present where Alan has been arrested by the police after his home was robbed (but nothing taken), the past where we learn what he did during WWII (which I believe is him telling the police the story), and his childhood where we learn how he got into cryptology. The whole story didn’t hit me until I actually finished the movie and I felt so sad and drained. It’s just something I never imagined happening but thinking about the times, it makes sense

I really loved seeing the struggles of this character who is really different from everyone else and how he (basically) lived his life using the words of someone he loved and admired as a way to move forward and help others like himself

Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine

Aside from Turing, we did get a couple other characters. Most of them guys since the working world was synonymous to guys, but we did get one Joan Clarke. She was presented as being even faster at cracking codes than Alan, which we see when he makes a couple people take a test. He confesses it takes him 8 minutes to do the assignment and then we have Joan who solves it in under 6 minutes


I was sad to see that she wasn’t as involved in the code cracking until the end. I really thought she was an interesting character and that her role would be bigger but it didn’t really go anywhere (which I’m sad and glad about), aside from her being the only one to come see Alan in the present and nearly becoming the romantic interest

All the other characters didn’t really stand out to me, but I felt that was on purpose since the movie is about Alan

Overall I really enjoyed this movie and I felt really heartbroken at what Alan had become and what he had been forced to endure…since forever it felt like. When he was a child he didn’t fit in, while working on the codes his coworkers didn’t like him, and even years later he can’t seem to find peace. Definitely recommend checking this out and if I had to rate it, I’d give it a 9/10 for Great

It’s slower paced than most movies I enjoy, but the story really pulled me in

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    • YES. it’s funny actually, i started watching this but i hadn’t really paid attention to the beginning. when it ended and i saw everything that happened it just hit me so bad. i was so sad and angry and just so many feels!! :”( to think that someone had to suffer through something like this T-T


  1. I really enjoyed watching this through, though I will admit it probably isn’t the kind of movie I’d ever rewatch. It’s a little too slow for my usual tastes. Still, I found the story and character really fascinating so got really sucked into the narrative while watching it.

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