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Audible Shopping “Spree” (When You Try to Stop But Can’t)

Hey guys! So I recently realized I had some credits on my Audible account from a couple months back and since I hear we can only roll over so many, I thought I’d spend some and share my purchases with you all!

I had 4 credits on my account this morning and now I have 3 and less money in my bank account…


I’m actually already listening to this one, as I write this out. I heard about it via a reviewing site where I’m supposed to review this. I was having a hard time actually reading this from my phone (I kept falling asleep), so I figured I’d get the audiobook. It cost about $2, possibly because I already owned the e-book. I ended up paying the money since it wasn’t worth spending a credit on something that cost $2


OK, this is the one I ended up spending a credit on. Why? Because this 62 hour audiobook cost about $45!! I do own this giant bible of a book with all the Sherlock Holmes books (or so it claims), so I thought I’d get this so I could listen and read like a perfectly normal bookaholic. And well, my sudden interest in this will be explained in the next purchase


I can’t even remember how much this cost anymore. I think it was about $8 (7 and some change) and I obviously got it because I like a good mystery read. Obviously. It’s not because this guy’s voice is super amazingly hot, that he may or may not have an accent, and that he’s kinda gorgeous for an old person. Nope. It’s all in the mystery. It is only 2 hours long so I did think the price was alright (…) but come on, his voice! #nuffsaid


And because I just had to pick out a fantasy read. I read one of Jeff Wheeler’s books before, which I ended up rating as meh because nothing really happened. I did hear it gets much better in the next book but I thought I’d go ahead and check out another of his series since the Kingfountain Series is still ongoing. This one was also on sale I believe and cost about $8 as well. I think it might have been less but I can’t remember at this point

In the end, I ended up spending my actual money instead of credits, but spending credits is something you need to do wisely I feel. I try to either find books I really want to read or some where the narration is pleasant to listen to. Then I have to consider price, is it better to just buy it with money or use a credit? Decisions, Decisions!

Does anyone else listen to audiobooks? Made any new purchases? Or what about just regular books?

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