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I’ve “Possibly” Got It Bad For These Two Actors

Hey guys!

So as you might have noticed, I’ve had a wee-bit of an obsession lately (that’s not anime, I know, unthinkable, right?). Well, for so long I could say I didn’t watch “real people shows”, as I have no idea what to dub them, but then One Day I sat down and thought, Hmm I should check out Sherlock on Netflix because I promised my brother…four years ago


Next thing you know I’m screaming into the void, reading dozens of fanfiction stories during my free time (and at work but Shhh, don’t tell anyone), trying to find some meta posts on tumblr, watching interviews (which I never do) with our stars, and stalking two actors’ filmography. And when I was stalking through their work, I realized I’d already seen them in other films but hadn’t realized it because, Lol who notices 3D people?? Not this Fujoshi, or at least not usually. I mean, I’m usually distracted by super hot cars racing or some crazy explosion to really pay attention to who actors are

Like, you guys will not believe how many famous people I don’t know. Just last year I learned that the guy from the Fast and Furious movies, the one who is the techie, is actually an artist named Ludacris. I’ve been watching those movies for years now and I only just learned of this through some means I can’t even remember. I’d heard the name before (please, I don’t live under a rock all the time) and I’ve even listened to their music at some point, but I didn’t know what he looked like so I never made the connection

But the actual reason I wrote this post was to warn you all that some posts are coming (dun dun DUN). I’m going to be watching movies with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in them and I’m going to be reviewing them because that’s what I do. I stalk and review

Also, can I just say that Martin Freeman is freaking ADORABLE. So adorable I think I want to cry a little because adorable things like that smile of his do things to my heart of steal, and I love watching interviews with him (the tongue is distracting LOL). There’s just something about his character that always makes me laugh and I just want to see more. And I don’t usually go to YouTube because that’s a whole other time consuming place but nowadays that’s where you’ll find me

Though honestly, if I ever met him in real life I think I would feel intimidated. He seems like a pretty approachable guy (and he’s hilarious) but there’s a certain, I’m not sure what to call it, presence perhaps? about him. I think I’d feel inadequate (aka dumb) if I ever had to converse with him, and not just because I’d be super nervous and ogling him and possibly going into cardiac arrest because cute and handsome are an effective combination to kill me with

As for Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch, I also think he’s cute but god he’s like that impossible crush in those high school shows where the plain girl with no sex appeal (oh snap, quoting Skip Beat) just stares like a weirdo. Yup that’s me right there whenever I see that guy. And have I mentioned that his voice is fantastic? Like, WOW (and his eyes #slayme). While looking through YouTube I found he was Smaug from the Hobbit movies and mind blown. I didn’t even recognize him and it’s not just because I didn’t know he existed until April 2017 but he just sounds different (I’ve heard a couple of his voices at this point)


But you know, he has those super adorable moments too. Like when he can’t say penguins. When I heard this I laughed so hard and after that it’s like, how can you unassociate him with this word?! I just can’t, especially when I keep hearing it in other shows and interviews and basically everywhere outside the nature documentary that I’m tempted to watch just because of that

Plus, his dancing is hilarious. I watched this ‘dance off’ video with him and Martin Freeman. It’s a compilation of videos but so fun to watch

ANYWAYS, gosh I keep getting distracted. Yes, posts. A “flood” of posts with these two. I don’t think I’ll do the Hobbit movies because I watched those already and don’t know how I’d really go about reviewing them. Maybe I might just mention how adorable Martin Freeman looks with longer hair, who knows. Same with Dr. Strange which I watched when it came out and never processed the MC. I had a draft about the movie for the longest time but then I ended up deleting it because I just wasn’t feeling it

Some shows you can expect to see me review are: Sherlock (duh), The Imitation Game (done), Hot Fuzz, Love Actually, and Cargo. I’m keeping to movies because I don’t need another series to be obsessed with. I think one is enough for now, but I am tempted to at least check out Fargo and The Office and To The Ends of the Earth (this is going to be quite the obsession)

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  1. Ahahahahahahaha, FINALLY! When people diss Sherlock I just smile and nod, but inside I’m going, “It has Ben and Martin. I don’t even care about the plot!” Okay, I do. But I’ve watched it around 5 times now, so I watch it just for these two. ❤
    The Hobbit movies aren’t that great, TBH. I watched it for Bilbo, my favourite dragon of all time, Smaug (He did that in motion capture?! Cannot get over how talented he is) and the wizard, Gandalf. I also watched Doctor Strange just for Benedict’s performance. The movie otherwise is very average, but Marvel nails the casting every time. It’s like they really have superpowers, I swear. I cannot wait till see him again in Thor: Ragnarok. Imitation Game was one of the films I appreciated both as a Benedict fangirl and without. It was very well done and the ending broke me. The other movies of his I’ve seen are Penguins of Madagascar (hilarious and adorable), The Fifth Estate (very thought-provoking), Star Trek: Into Darkeness (better than the first but still meh; not complaining because Ben is in tight clothes and is a villain!), Black Mass and 12 Years a Slave (very small roles in both). I’m trying to see the rest of his movies, especially the old ones, while keeping up with new releases. Also, I’m dying to listen to an audiobook he’s narrated because THAT VOICE. Okay, he’s a married man with a kid and this is unhealthy, so I’ll stop.
    As for Martin, I really want to watch Fargo, but someone spoiled it for me (I think?), which is very rude, but I still want to watch. I was so sad when he split with Amanda because they were so sweet on Sherlock. The fourth series sort of extra breaks me (the first episode, if you know what I mean). I’m yet to chase down his filmography, but he did appear in Captain America: Civil War and will appear in Black Panther and possibly the other Avengers movies I’m guessing. Keeping up with Marvel has somehow become synonymous with keeping up with these two. 😅
    Since you’re on a video binge, see if you can find Benedict on the Graham Norton Show along with Eddie Redmayne and Bryan Cranston. It is one of my favourite videos of all time. ❤
    [Fangirling: over. Nandini: out.]

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    • LOL, don’t stop fangirling xD

      I was re-watching another episode the other day and my youngest brother comes out to the living room, sees what i’m watching and is like ‘you’re watching that AGAIN??” and i’m just like YEAHHH xD and same here! i only rewatch it just to see them interact and like #CRIES i love them

      I really liked the hobbit movies in that i was immersed in them but ask me something about them and haha i remember nothing really. but yessss I saw that video and I was just crazy impressed to see how much time and energy went into that role! I’m used to the whole anime voice acting industry thing where the actors are in booths but that was so different :00 i would imagine it also had to do with money involved in the movie

      lol, I think that Dr Strange was the first time i encountered Benedict but i didn’t know x”D Because the movie was meh I didn’t even think twice about the actors (except for his lady friend bc I recognized her from elsewhere). sometimes i just want to go back just to really see what he does with his character but the story just doesn’t call to me >_<

      WAIT. is thor:ragnarok that new movie coming out? and what's he in the movie? as dr. strange? lol what is this movie about?! should I watch the ones before it?! xD

      Oh man, Imitation Game was probs the first one I watched after I decided to look over their filmography and MY GOD it's such a good movie. i really liked the story and how he played Alan like #CRIES that ending and just everything, him as a kiddie and Orz

      I haven't watched Penguins of Madagascar BUT i want to bc I hear he says Penguins wrong and LOL i find that super hilarious and utterly adorable :"D Haven't watched the fifth estate but will do now and i've never watched any of the star trek movies :000 i really want to watch into darkness bc I saw some interviews where he talks about them and i saw his character ლ(´ڡ`ლ) but do i have to watch previous ones to understand it?

      i'm still going through stuff (slowly), usually whats on netflix since i have no idea where else to watch stuff @_@

      THAT VOICE (♡´艸`)
      i got an audiobook with him reading it and i can't get through the first few minutes of it! for one it takes me a bit to understand what he's saying bc accent (awesome, hot but hard to understand) and second, his voice is so distracting. i have to remember i'm supposed to be paying attention to a story _(:3 」∠)_

      I've been hearing a lot about Fargo and i really want to watch it but it's a series and i don't want to watch a series, i'll drown in it! i hear it's pretty good but i'm sticking to movies for now. i saw that he appeared in Civil War but only realized that after i'd watched the movie (again, had no idea he existed at the time and since he didn't have a major role I didn't even think twice about his character)

      I thought that was interesting. Didn't know they were actually together until I was watching the "Sherlock Uncovered" videos on netflix and was like wahhhhh no way?! Pretty neat I think, working with your wife on a series where she's your wife xD I also didn't know Sherlock's parents where Benedicts parents until I heard it mentioned in an interview, I was just mindblown @_@ but yeah, that thing with Mary, I found out about it in a video on the Sherlock twitter page and they were like, hey this has spoilers so don't watch unless you don't want to be spoiled. And I was like, it can't be that bad. Lo and behold I got spoiled and it's one of the reasons I picked up s4 as soon as I did ^^;;

      Ohhh, I recently saw the Black Panther trailer and it looks interesting, I'm excited to see what he does in the movie. Didn't really show him in anything aside that interrogation scene

      OK so i looked it up, is that the dating one? xD I've seen the clip Benedict does before this and LOL I LOVE it

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      • You replied to each and everything in the comment. 😂 #Patience
        The reason I didn’t like the Hobbit movies is that it deviated way too much from the books for no good reason. The first movie was done pretty well, according to me. Then the second came along with the ninja Elves scene and I was like, “Hmm, okayyyy.” The third was supposed to have one epic battle but it didn’t give me the grand, sweeping and terrifying feeling that the battle scenes in The Lord of the Rings did. I felt like three movies was unnecessary. It could’ve been made into two without all the unnecessary drama.
        I wasn’t impressed with Doctor Strange either. I just needed so much more from the story. Like Iron Man was a great origin story. Even Thor was good enough. Doctor Strange was just whatever. I feel like if they’d made the movie longer (by adding more from the training part) and we’d get to immerse ourselves in the setting, it would be much more satisfying. But I have it in 1080p and the graphics are awesome! So is Benedict. 😅
        Yeah, Thor: Ragnarok is the new movie coming out. That’s in November I think, so you have some time. Google Marvel Cinematic Universe and watch them all the in the correct timeline. Each of the movies sort of blend in together very well, which DC has not yet achieved. Ben plays Strange in all the Marvel movies from now on. That beard though. 😂
        I watched Penguins once, but didn’t pick up on the mispronunciation! 😐 I shall have to re-watch. Although the comedy there is for a intermediate Hollywood movie buff. They make references to so many popular movies and actors in the best possible way! 😂
        I think you can watch Into Darkness on its own. The previous one had a different storyline, which doesn’t come into play here as far as I know. If you have a general idea about Star Trek such as the main characters, what planet/species they’re from and what their role on the spaceship is.
        What audiobook did you get? I’m quite okay with accents (although I prefer subtitles, TBH 😂 ) but the possibility of getting distracted by his voice is quite high. I’m willing to try it anyway. 😁
        Yes, the episode has the dating part towards the end. The full episode is hilarious as well. I’ve re-watched it a bajillion times now. All of them are such top-notch actors though. ❤


        • hehe, or more like #Fangirlwithme 😉

          Oh, I haven’t read the books! But I did recently get the audiobook because it’s one of those books that I want to read in my lifetime x”D Honestly, i liked the Hobbit movies at the time but ask me about it now and I can’t even tell you much about it. Obviously there’s scenes I can remember but I think it worked more as a “in the moment” movie (like most huge films)

          I feel like Dr Strange relied a lot on the humour when I went to watch it. Like, yeah it was funny but thinking back on it, there wasn’t much to it. But I know a lot of people mention he’s different from the rest of the super heroes and I’m like ‘yeahhh idk the other heroes or Strange’s comic background.’ I did like that he was selfish at first and i really liked that. i get tired of the whole good guy stuff with heroes (which is probably why I liked logan so much) but then he was all about the greater good by the end of it so it was meh

          I haven’t watched any of the iron man movies either OTL I”M SUCH A FAILURE but I’m trying to right my wrongs by watching more movies XD i have heard good things about iron man so i do want to watch those 😀

          LOL yes, having a 1080p Benedict is PURRRFECT

          Oh, I’ll def do that! If it’s not too old I usually don’t mind going back to watch 1st and 2nd movies but once the quality starts to go down, even if it was an awesome movie I tend to not want to watch it. I’m such a judger Lol! I just want to watch pretty things T-T oh yeah, the beard is very strange o(-(

          I haven’t watched Penguins either Orz but I watched a video where they compiled the different ways he said Penguin and I was just laughing so hard and thinking how adorable he was, like how is it possible to be so cute?!?! References always pass me, I just haven’t watched many movies and don’t know too many famous people. I swear if some big shot walked past me or talked to me I probably wouldn’t even know who they were @_@

          Ohhh, I’ll have to look it up then (and brush up on my Star Trek info, I have no idea what the series is about other than space stuff?)

          I got this Sherlock Holmes one. It’s like 2 hours long and is something about the Railway stories. Honestly, I just looked up his name on audible and picked something to check out xD oh i LOVE accents but it’s hard to understand sometimes even though it’s in english…xD There were other titles on there but since I recognized SH i thought I’d get that one, might get another later since I have credits to spare 😛

          Where do you watch the whole episodes? I’ve only ever watched the little clips from YT :”(

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          • I hope you enjoy the book! It’s definitely better, trust me. 🙂
            As individual movies, the Marvel movies fine on an average. But together when you connect them, they’re awesome as a series. Do watch and let me know what you think! 🙂
            Ah, the ones about some Railways but not by Conan Doyle, right? I’ll try to get them. 😁
            I watched the episode in the Comedy Central channel in my country and all of the re-runs of it. I don’t know how to get it online though. But I think there will be illegal ones on YouTube. (Not that I’d know anything about that, shhh. 😂)

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            • Will do! Have lots of time to watch movies nowadays so might as well 😉 and yes, it’s those! i haven’t made much progress on them o(-(

              i found some on youtube but they’re mostly just clips, not whole episodes :”D i suppose it’s at least something xD

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