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May Reading List: Blog Posts and More


Since I’m taking a bit of a break on my other blog (and this one once I run out of scheduled posts), I thought I’d go ahead and do a similar reading list on this one while I get my bearings together! Basically this is me showing you all some of the posts from WordPress and other sites I checked out during the month, as well as some possible media news (maybe a movie I’m excited to watch)

Usually I just go through my reader and check out what’s there, but sometimes I look for random tags and let WordPress find new things for me. Always feel free to leave me a link or two to some of your own work and/or someone else’s! For more posts, check out the Round Up on My Fujoshi Life

A Geek’s Guide to London


I find that this being on my reader on that date hilarious. For one, I’ve been wanting to go to Europe for the longest time and it was this year that I decided it would happen. And soon. Second, well, it’s a bit of a secret but those who know might see why I think it’s funny. Anyways, my first place to visit once I get enough money, hopefully sometime before the end of the year, will be London. This post goes over some places I Definitely want to check out!

Been out to London before? Where else should I check out?

On Adaptations: Are the Books Always Better?


I find it kind of hilarious that there’s always this talk about “which medium is better” no matter where you go. In this post Susana mentions some of the things that make an adaptation faithful and I have to agree, sometimes the book isn’t always better. I don’t have the same experience with novels to movies, but in the anime fandom I’ve got tons to say. The whole LN to anime or to manga and then to anime, and now live actions!

What are your thoughts on adaptations?

Workspace Goals


This one is a bit of a random one but it’s something I’ve had to think about because my family is moving to a new space. Because we’re renovating the house, I get to choose how I want my room to look and reading through this was really fun. Why? It’s nice to see I’m not the only picky one out there who also spends loads of time looking at workspace pictures!

What about you, what would your ideal workspace be like?



Not actually a new post but I found this blog by reading this here post where they talk about it. Basically, if you read spanish, this is a new spanish blog by NerdyWordyBirdy so they can practice their spanish. They recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Spanish and Marketing. In a similar fashion to them, I’ll be following this blog to brush up on my spanish reading and typing

What’ll be on it? Not sure but they have two posts up. One of them a “welcome to the blog” and another about wedding dresses

Wonder Woman


Oh I was so close to going to see this right now but my eyes are already heavy! If only the midnight showing was closer to my house. Ever since I saw the preview for this movie I’ve been excited about it. Can’t believe it’s already going to be out. Hoping I can go watch it tomorrow (or at least very soon). Also, I don’t know actors much but can someone tell me if the actor for WW is the one that died in the Fast and Furious movie with the airplane? I swear it’s her but I’ve been told I’m wrong

Anyone else excited about this movie? Going to watch it?

Tis all for now!


  1. Wasn’t planning on it, but got some cheap tickets and free popcorn, so planning on seeing Wonder Woman tomorrow. Found a WW shirt and necklace in my closet, so along with my WW hat, I’m going to look like a superfan. XD
    Hope the 3D is good.

    Liked by 1 person

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