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Hot Fuzz, 2nd Movie in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy

I think I’m starting to get into the habit of watching a movie every few days, and next up on my list of Martin Freeman filmography was Hot Fuzz, a movie that’s a tad more my genre (compared to Love Actually)


Hot Fuzz follows Police Constable Nicholas Angel, who gets transferred out of London and to Sandford, Gloucestershire,  which is out in the country. He tries to fight this transfer, however, his policing skills are so badass that it makes everyone look like lazy bums in comparison…and they want him out.  Having no choice in the matter, Nick leaves for Sandford and on his first night he notices that the law is being broken left and right, all for the “greater good” the townspeople claim

Determined to set things straight, Nick continues his strict policing and later finds himself in the center of a string of ‘accidental’ deaths

To start off, I wasn’t sure if I should take this movie seriously. We have Nick who has grown up wanting to be a police his whole life, attains that goal, becomes the best through hard work, and then gets thrown to the country because he’s too exceptional. As a lawbreaking citizen I’d be so glad this guy wasn’t around town anymore, but as the viewer I was so sad! Everyone was all smiles and giggles about him leaving, while he’s just I like it here, you can’t do this!


But that’s not what I was feeling off about. What threw me off was him moving out to Standford and just the people out there! As soon as we meet the people I get this weird feeling, as if something isn’t right. I guess seeing everyone so cheerful and happy just felt creepy to me. As it turns out later on, that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be

There are actually a lot of hints throughout the movie as to who our antagonist is and for most of it I was just sitting there thinking, it can’t be this obvious can it? It was, but when it’s revealed I just couldn’t decide if I should feel horrified at the going ons of the town, if I should facepalm, or if I should giggle because wat der fluck


Both of these were my expressions while watching the movie

And since I have both of these guys on here, I just have to say they were so gay I loved it. At the beginning of the story we have Nick, disliked by all his coworkers because he’s so awesome, and recently broke up because he’s a workaholic. He goes to talk to his ex who has already moved on and pretty much tells him that he won’t change until he meets that one person who is more important than his job. He leaves for Sandford and meets his partner Danny Butterman, lover of action and buddy cop movies

Danny is that person that Nick needed! They go out to the bar after work, they do crazy operations and have fun, and Nick goes out to buy Danny some plant for his birthday (which then becomes evidence at a crime scene). Nick breaks his juice routine for Danny and they watch movies together until they fall asleep on the couch together. Nick got Danny a monkey plushie at a shooting game. Give me a second while I wipe my tears of joy

They were just super hilarious and adorable to watch! Also, this had a very Sherlock and Watson feel to it, possibly another reason I really enjoyed their relationship

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I’m going to go ahead and say it’s like a action comedy because comedy just has to be in the genre. I was super sad to see that Martin Freeman only gets two scenes, one at the beginning where he’s being a super cute JERK and at the end where they’re trying to get Nick back to London. I did see that there are more movies with Nick and Danny, as this movie is part of a trilogy called Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. I do want to check out World’s End but the zombie one (Shaun of the Dead) isn’t really convincing

If I had to rate this movie I’d give it a 7/10 for Good since it was a fairly fun watch. It had the comedy, the Nick and Danny, and the action (though somewhat ridiculous)

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  1. I enjoyed this film. I think it is the directing that really sells the comedy moments of this film and the story and characters are engaging enough. Plus, the references to so many great films. Really just fun to watch.

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