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The Mummy (Dark Universe Series #1)

I’ve heard of the Mummy movies before and when I saw that this movie was coming out I wasn’t sure if I should go watch it. Lately I feel like there are a lot of sequels coming out and me being the non-movie watcher that I am, wouldn’t understand references to prequels. Of course, then I heard that this movie had nothing to do with the series and I figured I’d give it a chance


The Mummy takes place in the present where Nick and his friend Chris are in Iraq for some treasure hunting, but end up in a bind that requires air support from his army comrades (I have no idea what group he’s in). When they end up bombing the place they’re situated at, the floor caves in and the tomb of princess Ahmanet is revealed.

Jenny, the archaeologist on site, ends up going to investigate and after some fiddling on Nick’s part, the party is able to take Ahmanet’s sarcophagus with plans of investigating it further. Of course, that plan ends up ruined when the plane they use to head back home crash lands in London and it’s revealed that an ancient curse has been unleashed. A curse where Ahmanet walks among the living again in hopes of giving Set, the God of Evil, a living container and where Nick is to be said container

His only way of figuring out how to break the curse seem to lie with Dr. Henry Jekyll, leader of Prodigium, a secret organization focused on capturing supernatural creatures (and experimenting on them)

Now that I’ve written this summary out, I feel like it’s a pretty good movie, but while watching it I didn’t feel that way.

The movie actually starts off pretty decent. We learn about Ahmanet’s time when she was living, how she had been a great woman but later lost power when her father had another child. The way she grew mad and called upon evil to get vengeance on those that wronged her, her getting buried alive as the consequence of her actions. I liked all of that, possibly because I really liked how Sofia Boutella played Ahmanet


In terms of the other characters, there was nothing special about them. Nick was just some thief who also happened to be in the army (an army that disappears after the first few minutes of the movie). He knew how to fight but nothing I considered badass. He was also easily manipulated by Ahmanet and never really took initiative to figuring out how to break the curse. He just trusted that Dr. Henry would somehow find a way to help out, which then leaves me confused at his sudden inner strength at the end

Jenny also didn’t have much substance to her. Yes she was an archaeologist who worked with Dr. Henry but she felt more like the love interest (as one of the first things we learn about her is that she had a 15 second stand with Nick). Like Nick she doesn’t really do anything significant past the first few minutes of the movie where she unraveled that Ahmanet’s tomb was actually a prison

There were no action scenes that I particularly liked, nothing great about the plot or the characters. Even the ending was anticlimactic! Something I was really sad about because it destroys the possibility of rewatching this movie for me. As I try not to spoil anything, there were parts in the movie where I almost screamed and where I really felt the suspense and fear for the characters’ lives. But then the end happens and I think, what was the point of everything that just happened?

Overall, this movie was an OK watch. OK as in I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for this and that I hadn’t already watched it. The feelings just wouldn’t be the same the second time around because the end ruins it all (for me). The only character I really liked was Ahmanet as she had the most detailed background and motives compared to the others. She had purpose while Nick and Jenny just happened to be around. I was really sad to see that Nick prefered Jenny over this powerful, dedicated, and pretty Egyptian princess (I wonder which I would have chosen)

I ended up rating this a 6/10 for average but I’m tempted to give it a 5. If it sells well I would credit it to the actors involved in the movie

Also, I hear this is an attempt at making movies about supernatural creatures. We have a mummy in this movie, the next one involves Frankenstein, and so forth. Even though this started off on the meh foot, I am curious to see how the others will fare

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    • No I haven’t ^^;; I’m not much of a movie person so if it was made before last year I probably haven’t watched it, especially if it’s a series thing. Even now, I’m only watching a lot of movies because I can get into the movies for free xD I have considered watching it though because I’ve heard good things about it but that’s only a maybe @_@ hehe, and maybe I’ll skip the third one

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