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Wonder Woman (2017)

I managed to go and check out Wonder Woman soon after it came out (actually, maybe the day after? I remember going to watch it after work) and I’m having mixed feelings about it. Part of me likes it, part of me isn’t too convinced about the ending and the ending is really important in helping me figure out if I like a movie, and another part is saying, well what did you expect from a superhero movie?


So Wonder Woman is about…well Amazon Diana, the Wonder Woman. It’s set during the first WW, somewhere near the end where the armistice starts coming into play. One day, after she’s finished training, Diana heads out near the ocean and sees a plane fall out of the sky. She goes to save the driver and finds a man inside. His arrival soon leads to a beach battle between the Germans and the Amazons

The Amazons manage to fight off the Germans with some casualties and after interrogating the man Diana saved, they learn that there is a terrible war going on. Believing the cause of the war to be Ares, the God of War, Diana offers to get Steve off the island if Steve delivers her to Ares (so she can defeat him and stop the war).

There’s not much I want to say about this movie. I went to watch it in 3D and found that it’s not worth it. There’s hardly any 3D worthy content on there so unless you get a deal, I don’t recommend watching it in 3D


If the scene had action in it, I really liked it. I think my favorite parts so far were at the beginning where the Amazons fought the Germans. They had some really good moves out there as they maneuvered on their horses and fired arrows. Aside from Diana, I really liked Antiope. Not only did she train Diana even when the Queen was against it, she was a really badass fighter and we got to see that during the beach fight. I was really upset with her fate but alas, it had to be done. Another part I liked was when Diana was at No Man’s Land, which is the part we see in the trailers

I really liked how Chris Pine portrayed Steve Trevor. It was really simple but there was something really charismatic about him. It was enough for you to notice that he was one of the main characters but not enough that Diana was pushed to the back


Possibly one of the reasons I liked the action scenes so much was because of how they were set up. Not only did Diana and the other Amazons have some really tricky and flexible maneuvers, but the scenes were done in slow motion. I really got immersed in the moments and was sad that the rest of the film didn’t have all that oomph and feeling.

The rest of the movie wasn’t bad though. We did get a lot of funny scenes between Diana and Steve (you know, them talking about sleeping together and babies) and with just Diana in general. The part where she’s trying on clothes is pretty fun




giphy (2)

So what part didn’t convince me? Well before I start, I just want to mention that this thing (gender representation) isn’t something I look at normally, but because Wonder Woman was being hyped for that reason, I feel like I should comment on that aspect

At the end of the movie Diana ends up killing Ludendorff because she thinks he’s Ares. Throughout the movie she’d been going on and on about her duty to stop him but when she does kill him nothing happens. The war continues and she’s left confused. We later learn that Ludendorff wasn’t actually Ares but the part that bugs me is that it takes Steve Trevor for her to understand and to take certain action. Not to mention the mini-tantrum she had because she was wrong. What there’s a bunch of dangerous gas out there that can wipe out millions and you need my help? Uhm no thanks, let me sulk here because I was wrong

It’s only after Steve talks to her and (basically) tells her that humans have an inner evil that she starts to understand. It’s only after Steve blows himself up that she finally loses control and it’s only after she remembers what he tells her (that he loves her) that she finally understands that humans are evil but that they are also capable of love. That love is the answer. It’s almost like she didn’t know what love was until she met Steve Trevor…

This might not seem like much but considering this movie is supposed to be about Wonder Woman, one of the few female superheroes, I was expecting something more. Something better. But Diana starts off as a naive girl, ignorant about the world and then she meets a man, can finally see the world because this man gave her the excuse to leave, and finally understands human nature thanks to said man

I’ve told this to my coworker and brother and they don’t seem to agree. Maybe I’m just missing something because I’m not a superhero girl.


Of course, that doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate a lot of her other great moments. For one, I really liked how she always tried to help everyone who needed it, especially at No Man’s Land where everyone kept telling her to keep moving, that they couldn’t save everyone and Diana wouldn’t hear of it. If she could make a difference, she would. Granted it’s because she’s Wonder Woman that she can do the things she did (ie. walking through the gas without being hurt, bringing down the church, blowing away that missile with her shield, the machine gun hits to her shield only slowing her down)




Overall I ended up rating this movie a 7/10 because I just really liked the action scenes and I really like Gal Gadot. It’s in that range I usually give superhero movies but slightly better. I was hoping for a better portrayal of her (the script, not the acting), especially at the end, but it’s only something I really think about after the movie. During the movie I’m usually focusing on everything else.

For example, I was really confused about how she changed from dresses to her hero outfit. At No Man’s Land I have no idea how she got her skirt off and at the ball I have no idea how she put on her hero’s top because with how low that dress was you’d be able to see at least the top of her outfit. The only time she had to switch it was when she got on her horse and wow, she must’ve been really quick because that dress went flying soon after she got on the horse…

The mythology aspect of it also had me confused because I kept thinking Diana = Artemis, especially considering her connection to the Gods. And a few other things but those questions aren’t as important as what I spoiled above

I do recommend checking it out if you have the time

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