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Johnlock Fanfiction | Latent by Hisstah

I figured I’d keep to my roots and start talking about some fanfiction because I need an outlet to some of the feelings I get. Plus, maybe someone might like to check this out 😉

I hear a lot of people mention that once they reach college, pulling all-nighters is something they need to do (a lot). I’ve never been able to do one successfully. Fast forward a couple years and add Johnlock to the mix and I AM THERE

Not exactly an all-nighter but very close. You see, I started reading this story called Latent by Hisstah on ao3 and completely fell in love with it! I started at some random time during the day and kept reading well into the night and next day. I had to go to work in the morning but even so I kept reading. Next thing I knew the birds were out chirping, my dad had gone to work, it was time for me to take my brother to work, my mom left for her morning workout, and I was only a few hours away from needing to leave for my job

I got 1 hour of restless sleep because I couldn’t put down this story

1HOUR! That is like my record here. I’m rather proud of myself for not nearly crashing as I zoomed down the expressway at 90mph like a madwoman because I was running late for my job (because I kept saying one more sentence…)


So what exactly is this story about?

Nearly destitute after coming home from Afghanistan, omega John Watson tries to find work as he heals from the war. But a new law passed when he was away, mandating testing of all adults for latent guide abilities. Suspecting he might be a latent guide but with no interest in being forced to bond with a sentinel, he obtains a new identity to avoid being taken by the authorities and finds work in a rehab clinic. There he meets a fascinating sentinel who takes him on a wild adventure and makes him seriously reconsider his decision about bonding. But can John escape being captured and at the same time avoid a certain alpha who wants to force John to become his omega before he can make up his mind?

This sounds super interesting already doesn’t it? I mean Omegaverse, I love those AUs! But I’m fairly new to this new AU, the Sentinel/Guide one and I was really glad that the story goes into some detail about what that world consists of (plus the author mentions a bit in the A/N). Basically, a Sentinel is a person who has enhanced senses but because they’re really sensitive to these things they go into “zones” that only Guides can lead them out of. A way of avoiding Sentinels from going into zones is for them to bond with Guides who will help them mute their sensitivity, channel it, and bring them back to the “real world” if they do zone. They also act as a mental shield

The dynamic is similar to the Alpha/Omega one in that Sentinels are the dominant ones and Guides are seen as inferior. Since this author chose to combine both AUs, being an Omega Guide is the lowest of the low according to their society in terms of strength and intelligence. But they’re also that trophy wife/husband you can show around and breed

Similarly, being an Alpha Sentinel is extremely rare and are given celebrity status

There are other technical stuff the author mentions, such as how an Alpha Sentinel can bond with multiple partners (versus a, let’s say, Beta Sentinel who can only have one) but I won’t go into that. Since this is the first Sentinel/Guide AU I’ve read, I’m taking all of these things as Fact. Not to mention the author did such a good job at explaining and building this world by explaining terms, showing them in the world, talking about the politics involved, involving the media and public, and even how the S/G “police force” operated

The only thing I don’t fully understand is a “zone”. I imagine it just means Sentinels get overwhelmed by something (a sound, smell, feeling) and they go into a comatose state until a Guide can go into their “mind palace” and bring them back. The bringing them back is the confusing part as I’ve seen a couple different ways Sentinels are brought back

Aside from loving the Sentinel/Guide and Omegaverse world aspect and how it’s explained, I loved how BAMF John was. By the way, I had to look up what BAMF meant and yeah, he is in this story.

After coming home, John ends up taking the name William Larssen and working at Price Clinic, a sort of shady Sentinel hospital. Because Sentinels are so sensitive to their surroundings, John needs to keep everything super clean and is not allowed to interact or touch any of the patients. Of course, that goes out the window when he ends up helping Beta Sentinel Stephen Escott, who he later learns is there to investigate the clinic. John decides to help out since he was already suspicious about the clinic and all the hush-hush-blackmail-you talk he had when he was hired

Of course, that’s only the beginning of the story. A sort of introduction

It’s right after this incident where we start to really get into the interesting stuff. The parts where John has to run from the Bureau and we get to see him kick some ass. I was super impressed because John ends up being an Omega and omegas are typically shown to be less aggressive and physically inferior. Even in other stories where John is an Omega he has trouble fending off attackers but in this case John would be swarmed by a dozen guys and he wouldn’t go down without knocking some guys out and breaking some bones

I was usually at the edge of my seat and it didn’t help that each chapter was about as long as 3 of them. Just when I thought things would start to settle down, something new would happen and I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished the chapter

I did think that the story started to drag a little closer to the end because I just wanted John and Sherlock to be happy! Just when you thought they’d finally get down to business, the Bureau or antagonists would show up to muck up everything! I was seriously near tears and I swear I got a few grey hairs by the time I finished this story

The story also tags BAMF Sherlock but I didn’t really think he was. Possibly because he just felt normal to me (smart and danger magnet) and also because he didn’t show up much in the story. Usually he was late to things (lol)

The only part I wasn’t convinced about was the whole Ned issue in the last chapter. There just didn’t seem to be any purpose in Ned being pregnant (if you ask me) but I mean, it is what it is. At least there wasn’t much about it and what was said was mostly in retrospect. Don’t think I’d be able to handle it if we’d gotten it day-to-day

The story is tagged E for Explicit for a reason but damn, if the Dildo and Omegaverse tags don’t bother you, I definitely recommend checking this out. The author also has another story called Secrets and Revelations that is set in the same Omegaverse/S+G world but I think this one flows much better (though I do like that S+R is split into 3 stories)

Plus, after reading this one, the other starts to feel like the same thing even though technically, Latent is the more recent one. Not saying you shouldn’t check out Secrets and Revelations. It’s also a good read and starts to go more into the Johnlock in the second story, though my god there’s some stuff in there that might make your heart come up to your throat (the suspense sometimes!!)

Has anyone read this fic yet? If so, what did you think about it? What about the Sentinel/Guide world in general?

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