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Annabelle: Creations (2017)

Hey guys! So I don’t usually watch horror movies but last night I did a closing shift at my job and they decided to do a midnight screening of this movie. After some deliberation I figured I’d stay and watch it


Former toy maker Sam Mullins and his wife Esther are happy to welcome a nun and six orphaned girls into their California farmhouse. Years earlier, the couple lost their 7-year-old daughter Annabelle in a tragic car accident. Terror soon strikes when one of the girls finds a seemingly innocent doll that seems to have a life of its own

So the movie has a “past” and “present” aspect to it. We start off with the Mullins as they live their lives pretty happily with their daughter, but then all of that changes when their daughter Annabelle is killed in a car accident (a quite funny one if you ask me, sorry). Fast forward 12 years and the Mullins’ home looks unkempt, they’ve just welcomed a nun and some orphaned girls to their home, and at night a little girl runs around at night leaving Come Find Me notes…just like the late Annabelle used to do

I like how I was able to walk into this movie, knowing that there was a prequel but never really feeling like I missed anything important. From the beginning we’re given the background story with Annabelle and midway through the movie we’re given the “what happened directly after” by Esther. A nice explanation to the doll possession thing but one I didn’t feel I needed because it just made sense. Though before that I had believed this was a case of a haunting so it was nice to learn that wasn’t the case



Aside from the obvious main characters we also have Janice, one of the orphans of the group at the Mullins home. She’s actually the first who sees that there’s something wrong with the place and unknowingly re-releasing the evil. As an actor I had initially thought Talitha Bateman (Janice) was meh at the role, especially the bus scene but I think everyone did a really good job! A favorite seemed to be Linda, Janice’s best friend and almost sister. While nobody really believed in the stories Janice told, Linda took action. She realized what the source of the evil was and tried to get rid of the doll while others wouldn’t. She also had quite the adventure in the house once all hell broke loose! Brave little girl

Now, it’s been ages since I last watched a horror movie so I don’t really have a point of comparison here, but I think the way this was shot was perfect. I’d once seen this “horror movie” but it wasn’t really scary, it was just really gorey. I’m glad this wasn’t that kind of movie. Instead we had a lot of low lighting scenes with little shadows and movements in the peripheral vision that vanished and reappeared when you least expected them. The soundtrack was very misleading as it would rise up for “that moment”, only for you to realize you were safe (and only then would you get the big surprise)

I had the honor to sit with some coworkers who screamed during the movie so that also made the experience fun for me as I’m not one to scream much in horror movies (unless it’s REALLY good)

If I had to be a bit negative with this movie it’s that there’s a 12 years recurrence that I don’t understand. This particular incident takes place 12 years after Annabelle died and then at the end of the movie we have a 12 year time skip where something else happens. I thought that maybe Annabelle had died when she was 12 and that’s what the gap was for but she was 7 so…? I don’t know why the 12 is relevant


+ Suspenseful and good scary scenes

+ Child actors did a great job (liked them better than all the others)

+ Use of soundtrack to trick the audience was well done


~ Doesn’t feel original (ie. the story fits with what I would expect with a horror film)

~ Wait, the scarecrow was in on the action too?!


– 12 year recurrence is not explained

Overall I really enjoyed watching this movie and I can just see how busy this weekend at work might be. My favorite horror movie has always been Jeepers Creepers (the one with the school bus) and The Exorcist was one I watched as a kid. I think I’ll be adding Annabelle as that other horror movie I’d recommend to people if anyone were to ask. I, for sure, would tell incoming guests that this would be quite a treat for them. I think the only reason I didn’t have nightmares about this was because I was up for nearly 24 hours and all I wanted to do was sleep into oblivion. I give this movie an 8/10

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