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Spiderman: Homecoming (2017)

Hey guys! Here comes another late movie review (lol). And I’m thinking late because I’m not sure if this is in theatres anymore? I know we got rid of it pretty quickly but we usually do since we have less auditoriums BUT…moving on. Warning for fangirling and possible spoilers!


Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, young Peter Parker returns home to live with his Aunt May. Under the watchful eye of mentor Tony Stark, Parker starts to embrace his newfound identity as Spider-Man. He also tries to return to his normal daily routine — distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just a friendly neighborhood superhero. Peter must soon put his powers to the test when the evil Vulture emerges to threaten everything that he holds dear.

So the closest to Spider Man I’ve ever been was that one cartoon show I watched when I was a kid. I know there were these 3 movies out at the time as well (or maybe soon after) but I never watched them. THEN, like a month or something before Homecoming (the movie) there were posters everywhere at my job. I was telling myself I wasn’t going to watch it because I’m not usually impressed with superhero movies

But then boredom hit and I was like, ok I’ll go watch it

FYI, I have an IMDb account and on that account I have a list called 2017 Favorites and Homecoming is #4 on this list only because I watched it this late in the year. Yup. I really liked this movie and I can’t believe I wasn’t going to watch it. And I think the reason I liked it a lot was because of Tom Holland (and not really Spider Man, per se).



I really liked how he was able to play a teenager with teenage problems and Spider Man trying to prove himself to be capable in an entertaining and believable way. I have no idea how Tom Holland talks but having him talk really quickly, being really hyper, and impatient is exactly what I expect from a freshman/14 year old. Also, for some reason I had this image of Spider Man being this sarcastic jerk but in here he wasn’t. Yeah, he was kind of a smart talker but he wasn’t a jerk (and when he tried he’d just go back to his polite self). Instead he was going around helping the neighborhood doing petty work (if you compare it to what the Avengers are doing) and he was just really charismatic

I especially thought it was cute when he’d call Happy and leave messages about what he did that day /swoons/

Really, Peter/Tom Holland stole the spotlight in the movie, which is what he should have done because it’s a Spider Man movie. His movie! Also, kudos to Ned for playing the best friend/guy in the chair so well. I really enjoyed the dynamic those two had. And my god when he found out Tom was Spider Man the only thing I could think was, that would be my reaction too. I thought it was hilarious that Ned just wanted to tell everyone that Peter was Spider Man and the time at the gym was possibly one of my favorite moments in the “let me tell everyone you’re friends with Spider Man”

I guess the only complaint I have about Ned’s character is that he was made out to be kind of slow even though he’s super smart. There’s a scene in the movie where Tom tells Ned to hide and instead of moving quickly, Ned kind of just stands there looking lost and then finally moves. There’s also a couple other moments where he’s just exaggeratedly slow, even though he’s proved he’s not many times



Now, I did just say that Tom took the spotlight but I also have to say that the Spidey suit (Karen) came at a really close second. I just really LOVED HER. She was so cute, telling Tom to confess his feelings for Liz. And the bantering with Tom and her about the different kinds of web they could shoot. And then the time they were stuck in the warehouse type place and having that heart to heart conversation…aside from Tom, I can’t wait to see more of her. Legit, if this were an actual flesh and blood character, I’D SHIP IT

But since she’s not, I’ll like BrOTP it!

Aside from all the nice work Tom does there was a moment where he has a bit of an identity crisis. Where we see that he believes that the suit is everything (and only) thing that makes him who he is and Tony decides to take it away as a lesson. I actually hadn’t noticed this mindset but Tom says it so it must be his true feelings. That’s when we see his normal clothes spiderman outfit and I was just like WOAH, what is this?! I wasn’t sure if the suit was the original or if he fashioned it after the suit…yeah, my ignorance is showing here (lol), but either way, I really liked that moment where he wisens up.

Also, it’s in that moment where I noticed the…(this is where I would say the animation but this isn’t an animated video, tries to think of the right word…) effects? looked less great than the rest of the film. Basically, Spider Man has to lift some debris and it just looked like he was obviously not lifting them. I normally wouldn’t comment on this and it’s such a nitpicky thing, but I mention it because everything else was looking so good and then that happened



In terms of the plot, I feel like it pales in comparison to all this other stuff I blabbered about. Yes, I did enjoy it but not so much because of “oh look what the bad guy is doing now” but because of how Tom handled those situations. I mean, the whole doing it for the people and somehow letting the power get to you didn’t feel very compelling to me (or original), so when our bad guys had some bad luck I wasn’t really concerned. But I do have to say that I really enjoyed that plot twist! Wasn’t expecting that at all

Of course, that doesn’t mean the bad guys didn’t have their uses. If this movie had been just a highschool type show I’m not sure how I would have felt about it. At least with these guys wreaking havoc, we got to see Spider Man try to handle situations. They didn’t always work out, but I think that was the point. To have Spider Man learn and get used to what he can and can’t do (coughinterrogationscoughs)


+ Tom Holland’s portrayal of Peter and Spider Man. Very highschooler and trying to prove myself superhero

+ The suit having a personality! (Karen)

+ There was a nice balance of action and high school life

+ Basically the whole movie


~ Everyone else’s acting was just so normal compared to Tom’s

~ The villains and their plot wasn’t anything impressive


– THAT CLIFFHANGER (only a con because I want to know NOW, lol)

– I keep calling Spider Man Tom but his name is Peter. I don’t know why but I just can’t associate Peter to him (#HELP)

– (A personal one here) Happy. Oh my god. This man. Why couldn’t he just…believe Tom?! Or I don’t know, at least let him finish speaking instead of making faces, rolling his eyes, and not having time for him?! Orz But I guess that’s what made the movie but still #frustrated

Overall I really enjoyed this movie. Probably my favorite superhero movie ever (says the person who has only seen like 4 of them) and I can fully understand why my coworker watched this like 3 times the first week it came out. And yeah, I think I’m going to buy it when it comes out and rewatch it. I am excited about a sequel (and not because there’s finally an actor I like that’s in my age range, nope). I did feel like I was missing something though. I did watch Civil War so it was nice to see the parallels there but the whole internship thing and how Tom became Spider Man, is there a movie for this? Or did I just miss it in Civil War when the Captain goes rogue?

Also, can I just say I was not a huge fan of Spider Man not shooting natural webs? I vaguely remember my childhood Spidey doing that and here he makes his webs

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  1. Spider Man first showed up in Civil War. Tony goes to get him to help fight Captain America. They never really talk about his origins or how he became Spider Man…hopefully they do that in the second movie. Glad you liked it!

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    • Ohhh ok :0 yeah i just remember him being in civil war briefly and was confused bc in the old Spiderman i remember they go into his origins in the first movie xD i hope they do too, to a degree, I’d rather see what the next adventure is. I was really glad i liked it too, not many movies i enjoy 😛


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