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Category: Challenges

A series of questions, usually anime or manga related (but not limited to them). It’s an evolving category

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 7

I think it was yesterday or two days ago when I tweeted that I shipped Keith and Lance from Voltron even though I hadn’t watched much of Voltron (I’m on […]

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 6

Two or three anime seasons ago I started watching so much anime that I became impressed with myself. I didn’t watch everything that aired but I watched enough that if […]

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 5

For today’s prompt I am super curious as to everyone else’s answers because I didn’t really have an answer before and I don’t this time either. I mean, according to […]

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 4

One day last year my brother made a challenge. He assured me there weren’t any (or hardly any) female characters in anime that I liked. Why the challenge? Because every […]