Get to Know Crimson

Just a few ice breaker questions I thought of (hehe)



  1. what’s your name?
    • i go by crimson or lisette but my real name is #topsecret
  2. why are you called crimson? is that your favorite color?
    • back when elder scrolls: oblivion was new there was a quest where the character goes to an arena. when you’re finally at the top rank you get to pick a name and i liked crimson blade. crimson has stuck since then
    • my favorite color is probably blue, or black, or grey, or orange, or green, or red
  3. are you a girl or boy?
    • i’m a girl but i frequently play as guys on games and like to associate myself with male characters (mostly from anime/manga)
  4. what’s your preferred pronoun?
    • i grew up as ‘she’ but i also like ‘they’ so either of those is fine
  5. how old are you?
    • college age, that’s all you need to know LOL
  6. do you go to school or are you a working adult?
    • it varies. sometimes i do both, sometimes i do one, sometimes i do neither…
  7. how would you describe yourself?
    • otaku, boy’s love trash/fujoshi, slave to books, loose wallet, casual gamer

The Blog/Blogging

  1. why is your blog called crimson is blogging?
    • because i don’t have a creative bone in my body Orz
  2. what happened to crimson blogs at night?
    • i…i did something dumb and deleted the url. lesson learned: read everything wordpress tells you before messing around with the domain!
  3. how long have you been blogging?
    • 2017 will mark my third year in the blogging scene. i think this was one of my original blogs (as i’ve gone through many)
  4. why do you change your blog around so much?
    • i’m a fickle person and i’m experimenting to see what i like best. the big changes tend to happen every year, smaller things like my theme changes happen a bit more frequently
  5. isn’t it hard to manage/be a part of so many blogs?
    • yes but considering i live and breathe blogging, not really? i do have trouble with creating creative content but i do what i like and that’s what matters to me
  6. other than nerdy stuff and blogging, what other hobbies do you have?
    • i don’t? haha. i mean, i like to write stories, take pictures, and draw when i’m not too lazy. in terms of sports i sometimes play volleyball and bowling. obviously i play games and am an otaku but that’s part of blogging too so…i guess that’s all (haha)


  1. what are your top 10 favorite books?
    • that’s a tough one, let’s see (in no particular order): i am the messenger, the china bride, the goblin wood series, artemis fowl series, gone girl, acheron, styxx, fortunately the milk, uprooted, and the lover’s dictionary
  2. what is your favorite genre? least favorite?
    • i tend to read fantasy and young adult. sometimes i’ll read sci-fi but nothing too science geared because i don’t understand. middle grade books are another favorite because i don’t have to worry too much about love triangles and love at first sight
    • least favorite is non-fiction and next to that is historical fiction in a mundane setting. there are some hf with fantasy elements that i really enjoy
  3. least favorite things about books you’ve read?
    • i hate it when a good book is a stand alone (uprooted)
    • i hate love triangles and love at first sight (basically all ya titles)
    • i really dislike female characters who are too dependant on males (throne of glass series)
  4. what are some of your favorite movies?
    • i really like disney/pixar movies like zootopia, tangled, frozen, how to train your dragon, and the 90s princess movies (none of that sequel stuff). 3D people movies include the purge series, fast and furious series, cold eyes, secretly greatly, and the flu (those last 3 are korean movies)

Feel free to leave me questions in the comments section if you want to know more about me~

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