[Pegasus Publishers] Norvil the Narwhal + The Virtual Reality Space Pirates

Recently I’ve found myself reading a few children’s books along with my normal “novel reading”. My brother likes to call it cheating since we’re trying to see who reads more books a year (lol) But really, I just want to see all the pretty pictures (hehe)

Although, thanks to these two book, I am no longer 5 books behind on my reading challenge ūüėČ

Norvil the Narwhal by Christopher Adderley

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I actually picked this book out because I was curious about a Narwhal. I’ve never heard of the creatures before and so I thought it would be a cute read. Suffice to say I was given both cute images and a nice story! Also, I just found out that there’s a book trailer for this and I really liked it! You guys should check it out Continue reading

[Pegasus Publishers] The Enchanted Oasis, a chapter book by 8 year old Milana-Sophia Challenger

For a few months now, I’ve been receiving free books in exchange for reviews from Pegasus Publishers¬†and I’m steadily going through my requests. One of my more recent ones was The Enchanted Oasis, which I picked out because it was written by an 8 year old.

It might not seem like a great reason to request a book but I was really curious what the book would be like and I recently got it in the mail! While watching over our water pump at home I ended up reading this 35 page chapter book.

30324163 Continue reading

El gal√°ctico, pir√°tico y alien√≠gena viaje de mi padre (Fortunately, the Milk)

El Galactico, piratico y alienigena viaje de mi padre (Fortunately the Milk) by Neil Gaiman. Buy Spanish Edition or English Edition on Amazon. Translation by Mónica Faerna. Art by Skottie Young.

Ya sab√©is lo que pasa cuando vuestra madre se va de viaje de trabajo y vuestro padre se queda a cargo. Normalmente, ella le deja una lista de cosas que hacer y lo m√°s importante es siempre que NO SE OLVIDE DE LA LECHE. Pero, desafortunadamente, se le suele olvidar. As√≠ que, a la ma√Īana siguiente, antes de desayunar, tiene que salir a la tienda de al lado y esta que ten√©is en las manos es la historia de por qu√© le lleva tanto, tanto tiempo volver con la leche.Como estrellas invitadas: el profesor Steg (un dinosaurio viajero en el tiempo); unos bichos verdes y viscosos; la Reina de los Piratas; una joya muy famosa que est√° incrustada en el ojo de una estatua en un volc√°n…
Y una botella de leche perfectamente ordinaria pero muy importante.

Uno de mis libros favoritos, El Galactico, piratico y alienigena viaje de mi padre (Fortunately the Milk) es una historia de un padre que es secuestrado por extraterrestres, viaja a través del tiempo, es atacado por piratas, conoce a un estegosaurio científico, es casi el almuerzo de vampiros, y salva el mundo de la redecoración extraterrestre; todo en el tiempo que toma recoger leche de la tienda del esquina! Continue reading

Stolen by Vivian Vande Velde

Hey guys! Here’s another book review for you all ūüôā

Some time last week I was looking around the Chicago Public Library, searching for something that I could read. Not really finding anything that popped out at me in the adult section, I decided to wander into the children and young adult section. And as I searched I found myself in the V-section.


I found Stolen by Vivian Vande Velde and it’s a book I’d been telling myself I would read for quite a while now. When I worked at my local library I would always look at the summary and say,¬†I’ll check it out next time,¬†but next time just never came. Until now.

Stolen is a short story, fantasy, aimed at children in third to fifth grade (that’s where the library has them categorized under, however, it is also found under YA on sites like Goodreads).¬† Continue reading