[Pegasus Publishers] Christmas Turkeys: A Fictional Tale of Crime and Corruption by Roger Kerrison

So I read this book in pretty much one sitting and I’m still having trouble decided if I liked this book or didn’t, and what rating it should get. Maybe writing out this review will help me decide

As a warning this book is for adults only as there is explicit abuse/torture and rape


Christmas Turkeys is one of the books I requested from Pegasus Publishers and I requested it because I’m trying to get into the crime/mystery/suspense genre. Continue reading

My First Completed Audiobook: The Girl on the Train

Hey guys!

So at the beginning of the year I mentioned I wanted to read 60 books and I’m slowly moving towards that goal! Since I’ve been pretty busy lately, reading a physical book has been a bit hard for me and I thought it was time for me to try something new: audiobooks.

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I’d tried Playaways, which are like audiobooks except it’s a little device you connect headphones to. It was an okay experience, but it sometimes required me to buy batteries and (more importantly) remembering to carry the device. I also borrowed them at the library (which I’ve stopped doing because I get lazy, don’t return stuff, and get $100 fines, Ouch). Overall, while convenient to listen to, it had more cons considering my habits. Continue reading

[Pegasus Publishers] Chain Reaction

Growing up in a very Catholic background, the notion of an afterlife has always been present in my mind. Many people say that just being baptized will grant you a place in God’s realm while others claim that if you reject Him, you automatically go to Hell. Personally, I’m not a religious person but the afterlife has always been something that fascinates me and I love reading books that integrate that idea into the story.

In Chain Reaction we get a preview of what could happen to a person after death.


Kate Maple wakes up to her body by the river, neatly placed on a blanket and wonders how she came to be dead. Her memories are fuzzy, she can only remember things like people she’s frequently in contact with, and snippets of her life while living. As she waits by her body, hoping that someone will take notice and take her away, she finds herself reunited with an old flame who died a few years prior to her and is instantly grateful for his help with her new identity.  Continue reading