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An Ember in the Ashes (An Ember in the Ashes #1) by Sabaa Tahir

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir (paperback)

When this book came out it was added to my TBR shelf because the cover was really nice. It’s simple but I really liked the text (especially the physical copy) and the color scheme wasn’t flashy. I had no idea what the book was actually about but then I was only going by the cover. And I just love to cover judge…

I didn’t actually pick it up though, until this year when it was recommended to me by my brother. He’d practically told me all about the book but I finally started reading it after I’d forgotten a lot of what he told me (the perks of a bad memory)

In An Ember in the Ashes we follow two characters, Laia and Elias, as they live under the Martial Empire rule. Laia is a naive Scholar girl who lives with her grandparents and brother, believing everything is alright until one night when she finds her brother’s sketchbook is filled with incriminating illustrations. Illustrations that end up costing her grandparents their lives, her brother’s freedom, and her sanity.

Forced to flee the night raid at her home, Laia goes to the Resistance (rebel group) in hopes of getting help for her brother. They reluctantly agree to help with the condition that she becomes a spy for them at Blackcliff, the leading military academy of the Empire. It’s a suicide mission but she agrees, the guilt of her fleeing the raid gnawing at her conscious

Elias, on the other hand, is one of the Masks at Blackcliff, soon to be graduate and, if all goes to plan, a deserter.  He’s got his whole escape plan in order but then the Augurs show up at Blackcliff, claiming that a new leader for the Empire is needed, that the prophecy of Emperor Taius XXI falling has come to fruition. And in order to choose a new emperor, the Trials are to start and only four of Blackcliff’s greatest graduates (dubbed Aspirants) are to compete for the crown. Elias ends up being one of the four graduates and his plans of desertion are ruined.

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[Pegasus Publishers] Ecliptica: A book about Dragons, Magic, and Thieves, what more could I ask for?

Hey guys! Now that February is over, I’ve decided to go back to my roots (aka. avoiding romance like the plague! haha, jk, jk…or am I…)


First book to break the cycle is Ecliptica by T.G.W. Becker, another title I requested a while back from Pegasus Publishers.

The book follows Drake, a young thief who chances upon a secret chamber under Picinto’s catacombs while running away from local authorities. Little does he know, that “chance” finding had already been foretold. In the chamber, Drake ends up meeting Zeek, possibly the last dragon in existence, and the spirit requests him to find the 6 shards of his scattered Ecliptica (dragon core) so that he may be resurrected. Persuaded by the idea of  wielding magic, Drake ends up agreeing to Zeek’s request.  Continue reading

A Parent’s Love: The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

I actually stumbled upon this book during my last quarter at school while loitering (reading books) at a downtown B&N. I was checking out another series but this cover caught my attention ASAP on my way out. I knew I had to read this at some point.

Of course, I never really got the chance to read it until just recently when it was in the Audible daily deal section (and I got it for $3).

Image result for the girl who drank the moon

The Girl Who Drank the Moon is a story about a girl named Luna who was torn from her mother’s arms as a baby, left in the woods as a sacrifice for a witch (per village beliefs), and is then adopted by said witch after she’s been accidentally filled with magic from the moon. The reader gets to see her grow up until she’s 13 and we get some insight from the people she’s encountered in her life (whether she remembers them or not). Continue reading

Last Read of 2016: The Queen’s Poisoner

As 2016 was coming to a close, both my brother and I were panicking because we didn’t read the amount of books that we had planned for the year. Deciding that we just didn’t have the time to finish 5 books in 3 days, we decided to pick up a series and read it together. That series was the Kingfountain series by Jeff Wheeler.


I was easily convinced since the second book in this series had been in my TBR pile for months now and the covers all looked NICE.and if anything I’m a sucker for a nice cover (Lol) Plus, the book was short enough where I knew I could fit it in with my nighttime fanfiction reading and daytime job.  Continue reading

Stepping into the HYPE of Harry Potter!

When I was in fourth/fifth grade I had this friend who LOVED the Harry Potter series. He did his women’s history month project on JK Rowling, praised it to the moon and back, and basically worshipped the series. I’m sure he reread those 3-4 books until they fell apart!

As I grew up I realized a lot of people liked Harry Potter, possibly everyone except me (because I hadn’t read it). Fast forward many years later and I figured it was about time I check this series out!


Now, in case you’ve been living under a rock (don’t worry, I don’t judge, I live under one too), I’ll give a quick summary of this book: Continue reading

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