[Pegasus Publishers] Ecuador, at Last by Philip Peereboom

Hey guys! So I’ve been reading this book for about the past week and I just finished it. This review might sound like it was a bad read but it wasn’t (lol)


Ecuador, at Last is an almost 400 page book about various characters who end up leaving their homes and moving to Ecuador. Some of them, like Roonah, have firsthand experience with the war’s (WWIII) destruction, while others like Erasmus are only in search of settling their past. The setting is WWIII and the Chinese are in control of travel and communication. Continue reading

[Pegasus Publishers] Take Note, the life of a 10 Pound Note by Gill Burnett

When handling money does anyone ever think of where it came from? Did your mom have this bill tucked away in a saving account until you happened to ask for it? Did the man buying the coffee have to dig through his glove compartment to find that crumpled dollar? Or did this woman’s three year old daughter grab hold of her money and doodle stuff across the back?

Yeah, I’ve never really thought about it either but in Take Note by Gill Burnett we’re introduced to HE75 229564, a 10 pound note that began its journey at the hands of a grandma who has lived her life to the fullest and moved onto an interesting cast of characters who have used that note to bring them just a bit of happiness. Continue reading