Dunkirk (2017)

Hey guys! It’s been nearly a month now since I watched this movie and now that I’m sitting down to do this review, I still don’t know how I feel about it. A lot of people I know (aka. coworkers) went to watch this and really liked it and part of me stands behind them, but another one also thinks, was it?


Not sure if it’s obvious but the #1 reason I went to go watch this movie was because it was a war movie. Aside from action packed stuff and car racing (I know I just described one movie series in particular, lol), I do enjoy myself some war stuff. Especially when it says Based on a true story, which I think this movie did

Also, I did go watch this movie in Dolby, which apparently means it looks WAY NICER, but also allows you to feel the loud noises. Interactive and all that

Now then, what was this movie about? Continue reading

The Imitation Game

OK guys, by this point I’m sure you all have realized I may be a bit obsessed with this man (“Big Ben” as an interview said). And like all obsessive fans, I’ve decided to check out some of his other films/projects! After watching some Sherlock Holmes, I learned he played Dr. Strange and I actually went to see that movie when it came out. My thoughts on it were that it was meh. Granted I think a lot of superhero movies rate about 5-7/10 (though I never reviewed it)

Then, while I was browsing Netflix (yup, I do normal things now) I found this movie with his face smack dab on the cover and thought, oh I should check this out (this wasn’t the cover on Netflix lol)


The Imitation Game is about a gay mathematician named Alan Turing who is hired by the British government (along with 5 others) to crack Nazi codes and Enigma. He starts off on bad terms with his fellow geniuses because of his lack of communication skills and immediate results. However, as time passes, we see that his “bigger thinking” leads to longer term results Continue reading