Atomic Blonde (2017)

God, how lucky is it that I don’t have to pay for movies when I want to watch them. Otherwise I’m sure I would have been a bit more disappointed with my visit this weekend


Atomic Blonde was one of those movies I was really excited about watching. It starred a kickass woman who was out on a mission (what mission, I had no idea what when I watched the trailer), who was good at hand to hand combat, and who had really cool white hair. Guys, white hair is one of my weaknesses (remembers all the white haired anime boys in my life)

So what is this movie about?

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Checking Out Love by R. Cooper [M/M]


It’s been a while since I last read this story (about 3 months) but I thought I’d go ahead and talk about it real quick because it’s one of the few stories I’ve read and just really enjoyed.

First off, the reason I’m not calling this a book is because it’s only 46 pages long. If anything it would be a short story that falls under the tags college, contemporary romance, geeks, and gay.

I found it while browsing Amazon’s selections in M/M romance and bam! I was blown away by the summary because knowledgeable Jeremy, strict librarian, clever jokes, and a mysterious Benj? Yeah those keywords made me click the button.

Anywho, Checking Out Love is a short story by R. Cooper that outlines the interactions between Jeremy, a college student working on his comparative literature and linguistics thesis and Benj, a quiet librarian working at the Four Oaks Historical Society, a private library attached to Jeremy’s school. Drawn in by the rumors of a beast of a librarian who guards the library with an iron fist, Jeremy is slightly confused when someone a bit less exciting and more timid catches his eye. Continue reading

What Happens At Christmas by Jay Northcote [M/M]

As many of you have noticed, the year is rapidly approaching its end and being the procrastinator that I am, I thought I’d squeeze in one more book review!

27813379This time I picked a book that had a Christmas theme (since it’s the holidays), was short (because I only had so long to read it), and that it was an M/M story (because I’m into BL and thought it’d be fun to read a legit gay romance story).

I actually stumbled upon this book while browsing my ‘to-read’ shelf on Goodreads, and seeing the cover I thought, this looks nice, let me try it! It’s also for this reason that I decided to try out Kindle Unlimited 🙂

This story falls under novella, Christmas, contemporary, erotica, and M M Romance over on Goodreads. So it suffices to say that this story is NSFW  Continue reading