[NetGalley] I Wish My teacher Knew, How One Question Changed Everything For Our Kids

When I was in elementary school people would always tell me they could see me as a teacher. Mostly math since I was good at it and already helped nearly half my class when they needed. Because of all these comments I thought, yeah sure why not? My career forms were filled with ‘teacher’ as my plan and it wasn’t until later on that I ended up changing my goals.

Still even though I’m no longer trying to be a teacher, I have worked with kids and even have a kid brother, and checking out this book took me down memory lane and gave me a new perspective on things.

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I wish my teacher knew is a nonfiction book by Kyle Schwartz, a third grade teacher who one day did a project called ‘I wish my teacher knew’ where she let her students finish the sentence. Taking the responses of her students, she compiled a bit of a guide of how to approach certain situations that one may come across when teaching.

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2 Useful Oil Painting Books to Have for Beginners

One of the things I really dislike reviewing are non-fiction books. I’m really bad at figuring out how to go about rating them since I’m usually learning something new (so they’re all good right?) and they’re so wordy! I know, this probably sounds crazy to someone who likes reading but if it’s something that doesn’t interest me much, words can be scary. Fortunately, art books are usually filled with many many pictures (hehe, I know I’m a cheating dork)

 : But yes, today I wanted to talk about two oil painting books I’ve come across recently. They are The Oil Painting Book: Materials and Techniques for Today’s Artist by Bill Creevy and The Oil Painter’s Handbook by Marylin Scott.

I felt I could really talk about them since I used one for a class and, while not a good painter, I know enough to say X book is helpful because of 123 in this department. The second book (white one), I found at the library while checking out a huge stack of books. Just as I was about to step out the doors, I found myself called by this book, which had been on display, and after browsing through it I knew I had to check it out!

Now then, I feel like these two books particularly compliment one another and are helpful in their own right. The Oil Painting Book: Materials and Techniques for Today’s Artist talks about everything that a beginning oil painter might need to know: the types of oil paints and their properties, oil sticks, paint mediums, varnishes, supports, grounds, brushes and how to care for them, and other tools one might use. It’s all very wordy and just looking at it makes me dizzy but it’s all very useful information.  Continue reading