[Pegasus Publishers] Christmas Turkeys: A Fictional Tale of Crime and Corruption by Roger Kerrison

So I read this book in pretty much one sitting and I’m still having trouble decided if I liked this book or didn’t, and what rating it should get. Maybe writing out this review will help me decide

As a warning this book is for adults only as there is explicit abuse/torture and rape


Christmas Turkeys is one of the books I requested from Pegasus Publishers and I requested it because I’m trying to get into the crime/mystery/suspense genre. Continue reading

[Pegasus Publishers] The Return of Rosita by Concetta Coppolino

Hey guys! Today is Day 2 of my Book Reviewing Spree (which I mentioned on Twitter the other day). And lucky for me, the books I’ve been reading somehow relate to the whole Love and Romance thing I started in February.


The book I read this time around was The Return of Rosita by Concetta Coppolino. It was 404 pages long and falls into the genre of Romance

The Return of Rosita is about a girl named Rosita who returns to her family’s hacienda (ranch) fifteen years after her father’s death to reclaim what is rightfully hers! Sounds exciting no? Because that’s why I requested this title. I pretty much grew up with stories like this but in Novela (Spanish soap opera) format, so to read one as a book seemed pretty exciting to me.¬† Continue reading

[Pegasus Publishers] Norvil the Narwhal + The Virtual Reality Space Pirates

Recently I’ve found myself reading a few children’s books along with my normal “novel reading”. My brother likes to call it cheating since we’re trying to see who reads more books a year (lol) But really, I just want to see all the pretty pictures (hehe)

Although, thanks to these two book, I am no longer 5 books behind on my reading challenge ūüėČ

Norvil the Narwhal by Christopher Adderley

Image result for Norvil the Narwhal

I actually picked this book out because I was curious about a Narwhal. I’ve never heard of the creatures before and so I thought it would be a cute read. Suffice to say I was given both cute images and a nice story! Also, I just found out that there’s a book trailer for this and I really liked it! You guys should check it out Continue reading

[Pegasus Publishers] A Lady Born, A Pirate Bred by Claire Merchant

Have you ever read a series and wondered, when is this going to end?!¬†Or what about a standalone that made you cry because it was a standalone? WELL that’s what happened to me while I was finishing up A Lady Born, A Pirate Bred


Basically this story is about Corey, a young girl who has lived her life as a pirate and then one day her Captain/father-figure tells her she needs to be more ladylike. He starts to decrease her work on deck and tells her to take lessons from their resident Lady Sirena, which she strongly opposes, saying she’s a pirate and not a lady. Of course, Captain Lear doesn’t give up and uses his authority to at least have Corey try out being a lady.

It’s this simple request/command that then lands Corey on a different ship when she’s confused for Lady Sirena, who turns out to be a runaway lady with a huge bounty on her head! Continue reading

[Pegasus Publishers] Chain Reaction

Growing up in a very Catholic background, the notion of an afterlife has always been present in my mind. Many people say that just being baptized will grant you a place in God’s realm while others claim that if you reject Him, you automatically go to Hell.¬†Personally, I’m not a religious person but the afterlife has always been something that fascinates me and I love reading books that integrate that idea into the story.

In Chain Reaction we get a preview of what could happen to a person after death.


Kate Maple wakes up to her body by the river, neatly placed on a blanket and wonders how¬†she came to be dead. Her memories are fuzzy, she can only remember things like people she’s frequently in contact with, and snippets of her life while living. As she waits by her body, hoping that someone will take notice and take her away, she finds herself reunited with an old flame who died a few years prior to her and is instantly grateful for his help with her new identity.¬† Continue reading