I’m Crimson and thanks for stopping by at my blog ^^

Since this blog opened up for business it’s gone through many many changes, those who have followed me the longest would know. It’s gone from an anime only blog to encompassing a little bit of everything, and now it’s reverted to a books, movies, and non-anime content blog

And because of that, this blog is now Crimson & Co Blog About Books!

Here’s a little push to start your journey~

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Curious as to when I post content? As of right now (8/11) I’ve gotten into the habit of posting on Mondays and Thursdays.

  • Mondays are when you can expect movie reviews. Mostly new movies out in theatres and some netflix stuff
  • Movie reviews may also be posted during the week if I go watch an early screening or a first day premier
  • Thursdays are reserved for book reviews. If you browse around the site you’ll notice I don’t exactly review popular titles or the newest ones. I like to dabble into everything and sometimes I might follow a certain author for awhile


Thanks for visiting!!